Audio Combining Both Eastern and Western Spiritual Strategies

The eastern spiritual traditions are about finding peace; the western traditions are about passion. By combining BOTH strategies we can expedite our spiritual evolution and increase the quality of our life experience.

In this podcast, I talk about how I unintentionally combined the strategies of the east and west and how that profoundly helped me on my journey to Heaven/Nirvana/Enlightenment.

Governments are Inherently Evil

The difference between a governmental type organization and a nongovernmental type organization is that governments have the right to use force and/or violence to accomplish their mission. 

            We look at forced sex as rape.  We call forced labor as slavery. It is not that sex or labor are considered bad or evil, but once you add force that is what makes it evil.  So government is inherently evil.

            Most people cannot imagine a society that is not based on the use of force and violence; a society that does not require government, so they pretend that government is good or at least necessary.  If one were to be really honest with themselves they would see that society would be much better off without government, without a foundation of force and violence. 

           Not until people get honest with themselves will they be ready to transcend the barbaric nature of government.

Someone might say that’s why we have a government by the people for the people. But I would say, of course we have never had that nor will we ever have that until we get rid of our republic. I am not sure that anyone really would like the idea mob rule, which is what a pure democracy would be. No, the really only way to have a civilized society would be to get rid of all forms of government.

Obviously, humanity has not evolved enough to be free of mommy government or daddy God. But that is the direction we are headed…

Enlightenment is Open to Anyone Who is Open to It

There is so much crap out there about how difficult enlightenment is to experience.  Some will say that you have to go many, many lifetimes of suffering before you will reach it.  Those who use the language of Heaven or Oneness with God pretty much say the same thing that you have to suffer for many years throughout your life in order to go to heaven. 

Open Minds Open Doors

            The truth is too simple for these complex minds to accept, so they ASSUME that it must be difficult for anyone to experience. 

            Jesus pointed this out many times, such as when he said, “Great is the God that reveals the truth to babes but hides it from the wise and learned ones.” (Mat 11:25)

            All one has to do is to practice loving whatever thought that comes through their mind, no matter what it is, easy enough to say but in practice hard to do for so many reason. 

            Society and life teaches us to be afraid of things in the world so our habit is to think of those things and react with fear (contraction).  Honesty tells us that our thoughts of things in the world are not the same thing as the thing itself.  If we are honest with ourselves then we will admit that the thoughts cannot hurt us, it is only our reactions to the thoughts that cause of harm or negativity. 

            There are lots of reasons why the world does not want you to find the Kingdom of Heaven or Nirvana or Enlightenment or Perfection or whatever you want to call it. It is to the ruling class’s advantage to keep you suffering so it is easier to control and manipulate you.  But for the person who is awake enough to see that it is not to their advantage to continue suffering then ignoring the words of those who have not found enlightenment or heaven is the best strategy. 

Video Heaven, Nirvana & Enlightenment

Ancient words that point at an experience that anyone can have who is open to it. Modern understanding has given us new insights into ancient methods that help a person open up to these experiences or states of consciousness. It is also important to recognize that a large segment of society does not want anyone to experience Heaven, Nirvana or Enlightenment, which is why they condition people to reject the very idea that anyone can experience this.

Outline of conversation:

  • • Most people have heard these words but don’t know what they really mean.
  • • Words that point at something very good
  • • Ancient people have talked about them
  • • Religious and spiritual people talk about them
  • • Often talked about or imagined as impossible to experience
  • • The everyday experience that we don’t realize is amazing
  • • Enlightened people just realize its value
  • • Practice makes perfect
  • • How to practice
  • • A community can help to remember
  • • Mind programmed by society to forget;  Others benefit by our forgetting
  • • NOW is all that is real; thoughts of past or future are distractions from the reality of NOW; ego/survival mechanism over activity motivates us to look at past and future and ignore NOW
  • • Heaven is healthy; relaxes the body and removes dis-ease, tension, and stress
  • • How Neurotransmitters work
  • • How the practice serves humanity, radiating outward that others can feel.
  • • Often to simple for complex minds to accept o Jesus pointed this out when he talked about being like a child to enter heaven
  • • Thoughts as toys to play with and enjoy.

Getting on the right track to long-term recovery

by Adam Cook (

Rebuilding a life after addiction isn’t easy. Addressing the physical and psychological issues that caused your substance abuse in the first place is an around-the-clock battle in many cases. Combined with the pressure of providing for your needs and those of your family, it can feel like too much to bear. To minimize stress and frustration that could threaten your sobriety, you must be patient, both with the process and with yourself.

One day at a time

Getting On The Right Track
Getting On The Right Track

Whether you are in a 12-step program or another type of recovery process, the “one day at a time” adage is true for everyone.  Getting your life back on track takes time. Focus only on handling the matters of the day to avoid overwhelming yourself.  Some days it will be all you can do to stay sober, but doing so will give you a win even if you do nothing else.  Other days you may have the constitution to tackle additional matters or self or everyday life.  Either way, all consideration of the future should be in relation to what you can do here and now to make it positive.

Employment matters

Finding employment helps those in recovery maintain a purpose for continuing that journey and builds a positive routine.  It’s important to be patient, network continuously and utilize all resources that are available to you.  Leverage people within your recovery network to help you find your next opportunity. Be sure to express your gratitude to those who offer assistance, even if the opportunity doesn’t work out.

Changes with dual purpose

Part of the recovery process includes making changes to yourself and your routine to help avoid relapse.  While it is incredibly important, those changes don’t have to be simply for the sake of changing.  Instead, focus the changes on other goals to help you get double the benefits.  If you’d like to gain weight or slim down while toning up, focus your fitness routine on weightlifting.  If you are environmentally minded, your healthy and nutritious diet might mean avoiding GMO products.  Whatever your passions or personal beliefs, actively incorporate those into your decisions.

If you are changing your appearance by getting a new haircut or clothing, opt for a style that will help you look the part as you search for your next job opportunity.  If you plan to move so you can avoid relapse, consider a supportive area that puts you closer to family, work, a gym or even somewhere you find relaxing.

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.  Taking each day one at a time means tackling each challenge.  Focus on finding employment and making changes that matter.  With determination, purpose and motivation to change, it won’t be long until the successes out number the setbacks.


Mindful Relating

Last night I went to the Trident Philosophy Group where the topic of discussion was about “What is Love?” We had a great discussion and I had forgotten what it was like to be around people who have the capacity to talk about things that might be deep or challenging.

Most of the groups I was going to were all about how to limit our discussion or force people to conform to various rules of HOW to speak so as to not upset people. They were so co-dependent that they made intelligent and deeper relating impossible.

I understand that for beginners or people who have not developed much self-discipline that being in ‘safe’ groups is important, but I see these groups as more ‘enabling’ them to stay fearful of themselves and their own reactions to people. I suppose this is why I appreciate ‘spiritual’ groups where they teach people how to develop self-disciplines like mindfulness or meditation so that they can then better relate to themselves and others.

Heaven is a Choice

Visions_of_HeavenI wonder how many people are aware that life can be experienced as Perfect, Heavenly or Nirvana right NOW.  It does not seem to be that a lot of people are aware that they can have a perfect life, live in a perfect world and have all the peace, happiness, joy and love that they want, and they can have that right NOW, this very moment, IF they are open to it.

I interact with so many people who seem to have forgotten this or who maybe never knew this.  They look out at the world and see it as all fucked up; filled with evil and darkness…they seem to dwell on the idea that we are doomed.

Mind you that not everyone is that dark, depressed and depressing, but that most people seem to have that sickness to some degree or another, not being aware that this darkness is entirely optional, subjective and voluntary.

Sometimes people acknowledge that they have a choice, but then they go back to choosing the darkness.  I see this as only a habit, a very bad or unhealthy habit.  As a person who sees myself as one with all these people I do for them as I would want them do for me, which is to help me overcome this unhealthy habit.  I do this by reminding people they have a choice.

It is surprising how many people do not want to be reminded they have a choice, as if they WANT to miserable.

I knew a woman who took this attitude to its logical conclusion last year; she died at 50 years of age.  She was so miserable in her life that she admitted she wanted to die.  So when she was diagnosed with cancer she said she was glad.  She had no interest in waking up and realizing that her misery was a choice.  I suppose, given the culture she came from, that her fear of guilt was what kept her so afraid to even look at what she was doing that was causing her so much misery.

And I suppose that is why so many people HATE feedback on their choices that are making them so miserable.

Personally, I LOVE feedback on whatever I am doing that might be causing me misery.  I often do get feedback from people on the things I am doing that THEY don’t like.   These people tend to be the miserable people and they imagine I want to be around them, so they ‘give me advice’ on how to be around people like them so that I, TOO, can enable them to stay in their misery.  I say ‘too’ here because most of their friends don’t really care about them, they just want to enable them to stay in their misery, just as they are.  Misery loves company, they say.

And to be honest, these miserable people are not that miserable around most people, just people who are honest with them.  Most people are not honest so that is not a really big problem.

Yet, these people look out on the world and see it as ugly, sick, evil, bad or fucked up, and that is the quality of their life experience whenever they happen to look around themselves.

I do care about these people but I don’t want to enable them to stay stuck in their hell and I want to be around people who don’t want to stay in their hell.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and so it ugliness.  We CAN change how we see things and thus change how we experience what life is offering.  It is an option TO THOSE WHO ARE OPEN TO IT.

My real friends are open to it…