Governments are Inherently Evil

The difference between a governmental type organization and a nongovernmental type organization is that governments have the right to use force and/or violence to accomplish their mission. 

            We look at forced sex as rape.  We call forced labor as slavery. It is not that sex or labor are considered bad or evil, but once you add force that is what makes it evil.  So government is inherently evil.

            Most people cannot imagine a society that is not based on the use of force and violence; a society that does not require government, so they pretend that government is good or at least necessary.  If one were to be really honest with themselves they would see that society would be much better off without government, without a foundation of force and violence. 

           Not until people get honest with themselves will they be ready to transcend the barbaric nature of government.

Someone might say that’s why we have a government by the people for the people. But I would say, of course we have never had that nor will we ever have that until we get rid of our republic. I am not sure that anyone really would like the idea mob rule, which is what a pure democracy would be. No, the really only way to have a civilized society would be to get rid of all forms of government.

Obviously, humanity has not evolved enough to be free of mommy government or daddy God. But that is the direction we are headed…

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