Fear & Conservatism

Fear and authoritarianism are the two foundations of conservatism, but mostly just fear because authoritarianism is felt as necessary for those in fear. It takes a lot of love and courage to look at and speak to the fears that are within us all. I have always done that by first confronting within myself the beliefs […]

I am God

I love life and all that it has to offer.  Nothing is impossible to me.  I love judgment and criticism.  I love to judge and be judged.  Judgment cannot hurt me it can only awaken me should I fall asleep.  I love to push buttons and I love to have people try to push my […]

Jesus the Abuser

Jesus was a massive abuser and he was rightfully put to death for these sins, at least according to the people of his day. In the culture of Jesus’ time, Judaic law had 613 documented “sins” from their scriptures.  One of those sins was called “Ona’as Devarim,” which is Hebrew meaning “words that hurt.”  It […]

Oneness and Separation

In the beginning was the idea that there was separation within the Unified Field of Consciousness. Before the idea of separation came into being there was no beginning and no end, there just was Consciousness. But without the illusion of separation there could be no drama to enjoy and love, and there could be no […]