Jesus the Abuser

Jesus was a massive abuser and he was rightfully put to death for these sins, at least according to the people of his day.

In the culture of Jesus’ time, Judaic law had 613 documented “sins” from their scriptures.  One of those sins was called “Ona’as Devarim,” which is Hebrew meaning “words that hurt.”  It simply states that if you say something and anyone takes offense at it, it is YOUR sin.  It further states, “If your words hurt lots of people then this is a capital crime and you should be put to death.”

This wonderful ‘law’ came from Leviticus that has given us other wonderful gems of wisdom, such as we should kill people who work on Saturdays; we should kill people who are homosexuals; we should kill those who pray to a different God; we should kill people who blaspheme God,  among many others.

Jesus’ words ‘hurt’ many people, for many people took great offense at his words.  Jesus hurt people when he blasphemed God by calling himself one with God, for people took great offense at that.  Jesus hurt the scribes and Pharisees when he called them names, like hypocrite and blind guides.  Jesus abused people by advocating doctrines that were not approved by the ruling classes causing people to turn away from “sound doctrine” and be punished by the hierarchy of authority.

Jesus was rightfully put to death for his offensive behavior.

And, please, let us ignore the fact that theme of Jesus’ teachings, which pathetically made in the Sermon on the Mound, was the value of blessedness.  One of the beatitudes that Jesus talked about said “Blessed be those who do not take offense at me,” which puts the onus of responsibility back on the person who CHOOSES to take offense at Jesus or anyone else.  Let us forget this for it was not the doctrine of the day and Jesus, trying to show a more peaceful and blessed way, was only offending people by preaching something outside the accepted doctrine or the boxes in their mind, which only future upset them.

The true and “sound doctrine” was that people were to be ‘slaves and good servants to their masters’, to quote a famous law book that is worshipped even today.

YES, Jesus was a massive abuser and he was rightfully put to death for his hideous crimes.  And let all remember that if they are to emulate Jesus’ way, truth and life in any way that they too will be punished harshly.  Let us remind one another of that by caring around figures of Jesus being crucified on chains around our neck and by putting them in our sacred building.  Let us remind one another that your words DO hurt people and that you too will be harshly punished if you say anything that is outside of accepted and proper speech.

We would not want to upset the paradigm of those who take advantage of our innocence and ignorance and subtly stimulate our self abusive behavior so that they can intimidate, control and manipulate us to their own bidding.  Let us curse those who attempt to show us a way out of this subtle abuse, for they only want to disrupt the status quo, to change that which we can all see is working so perfectly well.

Yes, Jesus was an abuser and a petty tyrant who was rightfully tortured and put to death for his brutal sins.

If you are gullible enough to believe this then you deserve the hell you are creating for yourself.


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