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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Jim,
    I saw you over at spiritualsingles. I have been admiring your writing on your blog. I would love to get together. I am looking for philosophical companionship.
    Hope life is good.


  2. Penny Mackenzie

    Hi Jim,
    I have been trying to find any members of your family especially Becky who I used to write to when I was a teenager. If you could pass on my email address to her I would really appreciate it as I have been looking through old family records etc. and would love to catch up with my American cousins.

  3. Alex

    Jim, I’m googling you. . . . I really need a coach to kick my ass. Or smack it if you prefer;) I’m wondering if you have the balls to challenge me. I’ve yet to meet my match.

  4. Jim, Just “accidentally,” I was directed to your FB page. You are a Life Coach? I hope you found out what the reason is you feinted recently. Be well. I have a, perhaps, uncomfortable question. You posted photos of yourself, “today” and ten years ago, and asked your “followers” to comment on how you look today. Why would an “enlightened” person do that? We all age, but don’t think it is appropriate to ask people on FB to comment on how great you are agin,g

    • Jim

      I enjoy conversations including judgmental ones. I invite judgment so as to practice not reacting to it in a way that would cause me discomfort.

      Enlightenment is a SKILL that one continues to work on their whole life.

  5. Orazio di Bella

    A video came up (facebook, instagram) on my computer, where you say, that we should change the costitution.

    We must, and it is mandatory, but understanding why requires a deeper analysis. (In the essence, our system was made exactly to produce the results we don’t like! It’s us who do not understand, that the label of the system is false, and it is on purpose!)

    Contact me!

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