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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Jim,
    I saw you over at spiritualsingles. I have been admiring your writing on your blog. I would love to get together. I am looking for philosophical companionship.
    Hope life is good.


  2. Penny Mackenzie

    Hi Jim,
    I have been trying to find any members of your family especially Becky who I used to write to when I was a teenager. If you could pass on my email address to her I would really appreciate it as I have been looking through old family records etc. and would love to catch up with my American cousins.

  3. Alex

    Jim, I’m googling you. . . . I really need a coach to kick my ass. Or smack it if you prefer;) I’m wondering if you have the balls to challenge me. I’ve yet to meet my match.

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