Video Heaven, Nirvana & Enlightenment

Ancient words that point at an experience that anyone can have who is open to it. Modern understanding has given us new insights into ancient methods that help a person open up to these experiences or states of consciousness. It is also important to recognize that a large segment of society does not want anyone to experience Heaven, Nirvana or Enlightenment, which is why they condition people to reject the very idea that anyone can experience this.

Outline of conversation:

  • • Most people have heard these words but don’t know what they really mean.
  • • Words that point at something very good
  • • Ancient people have talked about them
  • • Religious and spiritual people talk about them
  • • Often talked about or imagined as impossible to experience
  • • The everyday experience that we don’t realize is amazing
  • • Enlightened people just realize its value
  • • Practice makes perfect
  • • How to practice
  • • A community can help to remember
  • • Mind programmed by society to forget;  Others benefit by our forgetting
  • • NOW is all that is real; thoughts of past or future are distractions from the reality of NOW; ego/survival mechanism over activity motivates us to look at past and future and ignore NOW
  • • Heaven is healthy; relaxes the body and removes dis-ease, tension, and stress
  • • How Neurotransmitters work
  • • How the practice serves humanity, radiating outward that others can feel.
  • • Often to simple for complex minds to accept o Jesus pointed this out when he talked about being like a child to enter heaven
  • • Thoughts as toys to play with and enjoy.


rejection1Why does rejection hurt so much?  Why do people reject one another?

Yesterday I had someone I wanted to stay connected with unfriend me on Facebook and it was painful.  Intellectually I recognize that this person did this to protect himself; he was afraid of how he might react to what I might say to him.  He is or was a Muslim and had told me that his father was an abusive man, particularly to women and he did not want to be like his father.  From what I have seen of this guy he has been taught to be very afraid of HIMSELF and his own reactions to what life offers.

Simply put, he is hurting.

If I get sunburn I avoid the sun.  I am not really rejecting the sun (some could call me a sun worshipper); I am just avoiding the sun for a while until I can handle it better.

I recognize that guy is avoiding me for now because he cannot handle me and what I might offer to him.  He has low self esteem and just being around me shows him just how little he understands himself and how he has been conditioned to harm himself.

This does not take away from the fact that I hurt.

In my stupidity I blame this guy for my hurting thinking that “he caused my hurt.”  That is stupid.  He really did nothing more than disconnect from me in Facebook.  It was my reaction to that that causes me to hurt.  In my heart I am glad that he did what he had to do to take care of himself.

Years ago I would have done the same thing for I, too, did not know how to love myself any better than to disconnect from others.  In those days I was so ‘disconnected’ that my only dream was to avoid humanity at all cost, hopefully to live in the mountains in a small cabin far away from any others.

Eventually I realized that what I was running from was myself, not others.  Once I had learned how to love myself, to take care of myself and to stop my emotional (and physical) self abusive behavior, I no longer felt any need to get away from others.  In fact, I really enjoy other people, the more diverse the better.

People are so conditioned to abuse themselves emotionally with fear, guilt, shame, doubt and pessimism all of which can be stimulated by words naturally will run from any situation that might stimulate that abuse.

Having compassion for them is the first step in healing ourselves so that we can help the others heal themselves.  So when I am rejected don’t just remember that, I practice FEELING that compassion throughout my body, in every cell of my being.  This is a meditation that ‘heals’ the pain.

This meditation is what I just did to heal the pain I HAD from this friend’s rejection of me.  As I did this compassion meditation I could feel my body relax around the thought of the guy.  I could feel my appreciation for MYSELF and how I developed my ability to take care of myself.

Practice makes perfect…

Being Terrorized is a Choice

Buddha-Quotes-on-HappinessBeing terrorized is a choice, a choice that in today’s world we all have everyday.

Personally I enjoy the drama of terrorism.  I see and hear what other people see and hear but I CHOOSE to react to it differently; I choose to react to it in a way that works for me, that is positive and healthy and that fulfills my life.

I make these choices because I realize that I would prefer to experience positive and healthy emotions over negative and unhealthy emotions.  I realize that no matter what life offers I am still going to be here until I am not, so why not enjoy it?  I realize I do not want to give my power away to the terrorist, my power to experience appreciation, enjoy and love.

I don’t understand why people want to empower the terrorist.  I suspect that they don’t but that they react to the terrorist’s act with terror because they don’t realize they have a choice, they don’t realize that by reacting with terror they are doing EXACTLY what the terrorist want.

I can see that there are elements of our society that WANT us to be terrorized by the acts of terrorist so they encourage our being terrorized.  I can see that the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about would want us to fear terrorism so that we will be willing to pay more taxes to support large military expenditures.

I can see how religious institutions would want us to be afraid for that tends to motivate people to go to church to find solace for the pain of our fears.  That is there business model.

Terrorism works for these aspects of our society; basically terrorism is good for their business.

It appears that those in society who are least awake and aware of this, the right AND left wing conservatives, are the ones who are most willing to be terrorized and thus support terrorism and the businesses or organizations that profit from it.

I see and hear news stories about terrorism just like everyone else.  I suspect that I do not fixate on those stories as much as those who live in lots of fear. I find those stories interesting but not threatening.  Maybe this is because I don’t value this carcass as much as other people value the carcass they are experiencing life through.  I do value the experience of life that comes through this carcass, but if I value that experience then why would I want to fill that life experience with things like fear or other forms of negativity?

Long ago before I woke up and realized these things, I was in a habit of reacting to life in a very negative way, with such negativity that I really did not want to continue living if that is all that life was about. I realized at some point that this reaction to life with negativity was a product of caring TOO MUCH about life including myself. When I got so depressed that I finally just gave up and stop caring, fully stopped caring, I realized that the QUALITY of life dramatically improved.  Much later I realized that I could care for a while until it hurt too much and then stop caring for a while and rest in that place of detachment until I was ready to go back to enjoying the caring again.

I suppose that this transformation came after I realized that nothing that happens here on Earth is going to matter in the long run, that sooner or later all life on this tiny speck of dust in the universe that we call Earth will disappear with no trace that it ever existed.  I realized just how meaningless life was in the long run.  But I also realized that in the short run I WANTED to enjoy the experience of life and that in order to enjoy that experience I had to CHOOSE joy as a reaction to what life was offering.

One of my favorite quotes from the Buddha is, “There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path.”

It all comes down to practicing the emotions that I want to fill my life with.

People who are being terrorized by the terrorists are practicing the emotion of terror, and that is what they are filling their life experience with.

That is very sad for me.

I realize that the reason I no longer make that kind of choice is that some place along the way someone probably said to me that I have a choice on how I react to what life is offering.  And they probably did not just say that to me but they demonstrated that they did not choose to fill their life with negative emotions.  I suspect that for some reason I was able to hear and see them and the message they were sharing.  I don’t know why I was open to hearing and seeing them, maybe because I was so desperate at the time.  Maybe I was open to them because I was in crisis and open to ANY solution to that crisis.  I wonder if it was not just crisis that opened me up but that I had a belief or attitude that if I just knew of WHAT to do to change my world, and I worked toward doing that WHAT, then sooner or later I could change my world.  I realize that my conviction of the fact that I could change myself if I worked at it came because I HAD changed myself in the past.

In high school I was a card carrying coward, pretty much afraid of my own shadow.  It was through my military experience and Ranger School that I started to gain confidence in myself and my ability to handle what life was offering.  It was the training, the practice of thinking and doing things differently that helped me change who I was.  Maybe it was this experience or memory that gave me the conviction that I could again change myself and my habitual reactions to what life was offering.

So when someone told me that it came time to change my emotional reactions to what life offered, I was open to that message.  I COULD fill my life with positive emotions IF I was just disciplined and practiced reacting to what life offered with positive emotions.

Of course it was not easy in the beginning but I persisted until now my habit is one of moving back to appreciation, joy and love no matter what life offers.

Which is why terrorists have no power over me, they cannot create terror within me nor even fear of what they might do in the future.  Yes, they can and might kill me, but I was going to die sooner or later anyway so why worry about it.  What I don’t want is to fill my life with worry about death or dying or even injury.  I just don’t want to fill my life with worry.

I want to fill my life with beauty, appreciation, joy, love and gratitude, not terror.

Love is a Feeling

The dictionary defines love as a an intense feeling of deep affection.

Scientists like Dr. M. Scott Peck define love as “”the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”. Yet, Dr. Peck admits that he does not know WHY a person has the will to extend one’s self.

That is because Dr. Peck and most people ignore the obvious, that love is something that we FEEL in our bodies.  Feelings, like the feeling of hunger, are what motivate us.

One thing that can be said about love is that it feels GOOD, even when it hurts.  In fact, sometimes the pain or hurt of love is what is so powerful about love.  We can long for union with someone who we are physically with, the longing feeling being the love, and that longing hurts SO good that it is so intense we feel we are going to die or be burned up in the feeling.

We do not have to be limited to this feeling just for a person, we can feel it for a concept like the idea of ‘God’ or country or freedom or just about anything else

The point is that love is a FEELING and the more we are willing to feel that feeling, including the intensity that feels uncomfortable at times, the more love we will have in our life.  From the perspective of the person in the drama of romantic love, this idea can really suck.

Yet, on the other side of this coin, fully going into the pain of love and staying there to long can be physically, emotionally and mentally damaging to the human instrument through which one is experiencing life.  Too much can be a bad thing.

This is where discipline and sensitivity comes in.  We first have to be sensitive in our bodies and mind to know when we are on the threshold of damaging ourselves so that we can then use our disciplined skill to stop the pain.

Without this sensitive and discipline we will continue in the pain until we damage our human instrument or condition it away from love.  You can tell a person who has done this for they are shut down to caring about most if not all people and life itself.  They become what I call ‘conservatives’ for they ‘conserve’ or hold back their love.

Both sensitivity and discipline come with practice.

Sensitive comes from practicing feeling what we are actually feeling in our body, not just the activity in our brain, our thoughts, but what is happening below the neck.  This is not just feeling the gross sensations we normally feel, but also the subtle ones, the beating of our heart, the movement of the blood through our blood vessels, movement of the subtle energies as the body communicates with itself.  Feeling this takes practice being still and watching/feeling what else is going on.

Discipline comes from keeping at it no matter what happens, even if at first you lose your focus and get distracted you go back to the practice.  That is discipline.

If you want love, unconditional love, then you have to develop sensitivity and discipline.

Be Happy 4 No Reason

BeHappy4NoReasonThe right to happiness comes with the consciousness that we always have the power to choose happiness. We have been lead to believe that ‘things’ outside of us are going to make us happy or give us joy and love. That is a lie. Things, including people, cannot make us happy or give us joy and love. It is our reaction to the thoughts of these things that creates our experience of happiness, joy and love. The conscious person recognizes this and PRACTICES happiness, joy and love no matter what life is offering.



What is Love? How to Love?

On a search of Google adwords I find that those two topics each get 185 MILLION searches a month. I realized yesterday that those two questions are what I started looking for answers to thirty years ago.  I realize now that I have found the answer to those question, found it to perfections, and so therefore I have something to offer those 185 million people who are still searching for answers.

Which is why I am re-dedicating my website, to answering these question.  Starting today I will just be focusing my blogging efforts on these questions.  I suspect that from time to time I will post on other topics but they will go to my personal blog,

I am sure there are many people out there who might read this and will be wondering why I would think I know something about love, for they might think I have no clue what love it.  After all, I have never had a romantic relationship that has lasted even a year and I have had very few relationships.  PLUS, I am one of the biggest assholes that many people who know me have ever known, so how could I say that I know anything about love?

I think that question is funny.

I imagine going into a Christian church and asking, “Was Jesus a loving person?”  I am sure that virtually everyone there would say that YES, Jesus was not just a loving person but the very incarnation of love.

Yet, if you asked the religious people of Jesus’ time if Jesus was a loving person they would say, “HELL NO”, for to them he was Satan incarnate, he was mad, crazy or possessed by demons.  To use modern language they would say that Jesus was an asshole extraordinaire.  Which is why the religious people wanted Jesus dead, because he kept pushing their button or “bearing witness to the truth” of how they were conditioned to ABUSE THEMSELVES and lie to themselves about it by blaming other people for their own emotional behavior.

Jesus then went on to talk about blessedness, which was the theme of his whole Sermon on the Mount.  One of the things he said there was, “Blessed be those who do not take offense at me,”  which put the onus of responsibility for being offended back onto the one who is offended.  Then Jesus went even further and said, “Take cheer, for I have overcome the world,”  which means that you could not push Jesus’ buttons and piss him off the way he could piss off the religious people’s buttons.

So Jesus was not just pointing out that people had been programmed to abuse themselves emotionally, but he cared enough to show them that there was a way out of that abuse.  He loved those people who were persecuting him, enough to take their hatred yet he still tried to inspire them to get free from the unhealthy/unholy habits.

That is what I do and that is why some people still see me as an asshole who knows nothing about love.  I may not yet be as big an asshole as Jesus was, but I aspire to and to even go beyond where Jesus went.

What I have learned is that when I was like everyone else I would abuse myself emotionally all the time, which lead me to experience this world as HELL, but when I learned to be honest with myself and to love myself I was then able to see, appreciate, enjoy and love ALL that life had to offer, which makes my experience of life heavenly.

I have learned how to love myself in the presence of whatever the world is offering and I feel that skill is valuable enough that people will come to my website/blog to hear what I have to say about it.

I would love to hear what you think about this.  Please post your comments wherever you read this.  Your criticism is VERY valuable to me, for it enables me to improve my method of communication and service to others.

Thank you.

I Love People

I have not always loved people.  In fact there was a time I wanted to be a forest ranger just so that I could go off and live in a forest in a cabin all by myself, never having to deal with people.  I outright hated people.

I am not saying that I hated this or that person, I hated ALL people.  I hated the very idea of people.  I hated humanity.  If there was a button that I could have pushed to wipe humanity off the planet I would have jumped on it with both feet.

And, I would say that the feeling was mutual; humanity seemed to hate me.

That has now all changed.  I have totally changed my attitude toward and behavior with people.  As I said, I love people.  I love to be around people.  I love crowds, small groups, meeting (even boring meetings sometimes).  I love any opportunity to interact with humanity, even people who do not speak my language.  I love both left wing and right wing conservatives, liberal of any sort, ever haters of the darkest kind.  In fact, I sometimes feel of most value to humanity when I am with people who are obsessed with hate, for I am constantly looking for a way to help them out of that darkness.  My heart opens to them for I can still remember what it was like to be in that hellish dark pit of existence.

How did I go from hating to loving people or humanity?  Honesty, being honest with MYSELF.

When I was a hater my anger and hate was based on the lies I was telling myself, lies that I had learned to tell myself from my family and society at large.  Eventually I recognized that everyone was doing that and that they had learned that from their parents, the lies had been handed down from generation to generation with only an occasional person daring to question them, daring to challenge the basic assumptions of society for fear of being further ostracized or rejected by humanity.

But I was now willing to question those assumptions because I felt totally ostracized and rejected by humanity and I had totally rejected humanity, therefore I had nothing to lose.

Getting honest with myself was not easy and in fact was not just very difficult it was actually dangerous.  I had to learn to be nice to myself first, nice enough to not beat myself up around all the terrible things I had been doing to myself all these years.

This learning to be nice to myself came in the form of mindfulness, which is one of the basic skills one learns in meditation.  Mindfulness is not meditation, it is something we do to prepare for meditation.  Mindfulness is watching ourselves, our thoughts and our behaviors as we go about our life to see where we are creating pain and trouble for ourselves.

I realized that my greatest pain came from my reactions to others. It really did not matter what they did, sometimes I would just take offense at them and I was off and running directly to my own personal hell.

It was a painful day that I finally accept that I was my own worst enemy.  But it was the beginning of the end of my personal hell, for until I was honest enough with MYSELF to accept the fact that I was my own worst enemy nothing was going to change.

I had a terrible habit of telling myself that it was other people’s fault that I was angry or upset or offended or whatever.  I had learned to lie to myself in this way from all the people around me; everybody was doing it so why wouldn’t I lie to myself also.

It took me many years to stop my habit of blaming others for my reactions to them, and it took many more years to stop reacting to the world around me.  In fact, I still react to the world around me in ways that does not always add to the quality of my life experience, but at least I now never blame the world for my reactions, for that would only trap me in that hellish experience.

As I look back on the process of how I stopped my self-injurious behavior that it was not necessarily the practice of meditation that stopped it, but the realizations that came from the clarity that I obtained in meditation that helped me see that practicing positive emotions instead of the negative ones I had been ‘practicing’ all my life was what was going to change my experience.

Meditation just helped me see this.  Meditation is just the practice of finding stillness within so that you can gain clarity that will enable you to see the truth of what is really going, that truth will set you free to enjoy and love what life is offering.

Beyond Nonduality

I went to talk by a nonduality teacher this week.  He was pretty good as nonduality teachers go (I have heard many teachers of the nonduality persuasion talk and ply their trade).  I have studied the teachers of old who started the modern nonduality movement, I even meditated on Ramana’s bed in the ‘cave’ in India that he gained his enlightenment.  [Ramana is founder of the modern movement]  I know the verbiage or dogma of this philosophical tradition.

As I sat there and listened, particularly to the questions of the audience, I could not help but feel sad as I realized how primitive this method was of dealing with the challenges that people have in their lives.

Obviously, people go to spiritual teachers looking for something, something they do not feel they have.  This sense of lack or the emotional pain they feel is a negative in their life and they are looking for a release from that negativity.  Spiritual teachings and teachers are there to help people find that release from the negativity.

Eastern traditions talk a lot about the end of suffering with the goal being equanimity or inner peace.  Yet, equanimity or inner peace is not what we want, it is only the half way point in our journey.

I can hear it now as the those who see themselves as nondualists read that paragraph above they will ask, “Who is it that seeks this goal, who is it that is on the journey?” But this is all part of their method, to question the idea that we are the doer of anything.   A nondualist questions their assumptions as to their own identity, which traditionally people think of as something that is separate from something else.  For the nondualist there is no separation, they think of the self as infinite and eternal, without form or substance.

The value of this nondualist way of thinking is that when thoughts come up that produce negativity, like the idea that we are going to die, they quickly replace that thought with a thought of non-attachment to the form that dies or incurs some form of loss. Thus diminishing the pain of the contraction of fear and negativity that is the conditioned habitual response most humans have.  The nondualist is not trapped in a negative thought form of concern about what happens to them in the future, after death or so one.

This is all good as far as it goes.  Nonduality is replacing one way of thinking, one philosophy (or theology) with another philosophy (or theology).  It is true that the nonduality way of thinking is an improvement over the traditional dualist way of thinking, but it is still very archaic system for dealing with negativity.  I can see better ways of getting human where they want to go.

Through conditioning the human instrument has learned to react to these thoughts with either contraction/tension or expansion/relaxation.  The eastern tradition tries to introduce a different reaction, or should I say LACK of reaction to thoughts that we have habitually reacted to with contraction.  They try to get us to stop reacting and just be still.  Of course this is very hard, for the very effort to try and stop creates or comes from contractions itself.

What I have seen and what I now do is that I recognize that all this is just thoughts, electro-chemical impulses traveling along the neurons of the brain.  When we recognize that a thought is just a thought and cannot hurt us, it is only our reaction to the thought that causes us harm, then we can directly address the problem of our reaction.  A reaction of contraction (fear based), if held,  is experienced as negative.  Holding on to any idea is just holding our contracted state and that creates a sense of being trapped in a negative state.

We can address this ‘problem’ directly by just practicing relaxing around all thoughts, thus releasing the sense of being trapped in a negative state.

Here is where the eastern traditions are handicapped in their effort to help people release, for they are ONLY seeking to release people from the sense of being trapped in the negative state.

The reality is that we do not want to just be released from negativity, we want to have positive experiences and by practicing positive responses to thoughts we excel PAST equanimity, PAST inner peace, toward a richer, more positive life experience.

We do this by practicing appreciation, joy and love at any and all thoughts we experience.  We stay constantly aware that they are JUST thoughts, electro-chemical impulses traveling along the neurons of the brain and nothing more.  We stay aware that we have a choice about how we react to those thoughts and that we can enjoy the process of thinking, thus creating a positive experience from all thoughts.

This is not a new idea, I am only articulating it in a new way.  I see this idea expressed in many tradition like those that say there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.  Also in the traditions that teach people to love God or to love one another and to even love our enemies.  All of these traditions are encouraging people to PRACTICE a positive response to thoughts.  It does not matter what you are thinking about, whether it be God or some person or some future or whatever, if you respond to that thought with love or some other positive emotion then you will experience life as positive.

When a person has the capacity or skill to UNCONDITIONALLY love all that life has to offer then they will experience this world as heaven or nirvana and it can be said that they are ‘enlightened’, for they can lighten up and be light-hearted about thoughts of everything that life offers.

From my experience I do not want to ALWAYS practice this.  I actually find value in the negative experiences of contraction to thoughts.  It is those negative or painful reactions that motivate this stupid piece of meat that I call Jim Freedom to get up off his lazy and/or cowardly ass and do something.  But when Jim is tired or sees no way to do anything constructive then he can just sit back and practice his joy and love in heaven or nirvana.

There is value in the equanimity or inner peace, for with equanimity and inner peace we gain clarity that enables us to see the truth that permanently sets us free to fully enjoy and love all that life has to offer.  So I am not saying that we NEVER should allow equanimity only that we do not need to seek equanimity through philosophies or beliefs.

In summary, why go to all the trouble of all these philosophies and theologies?  We really do not need them to get us where we want to go, we can go directly to the positive by just recognizing the thoughts for what they are and recondition ourselves to have positive experiences by practicing positive emotions.

Loving Bullies

I love bullies, and that is why bullies have no power over me.

Bullies are people who have learned how to bully by being bullied; they are hurting too.  What they seem to want is for others to hurt as much as they are hurting, or to show them how to stop hurting.

A bully hurts others by words or violence, both to entice an emotional response out of the bullied that causes them to be afraid or in some way emotionally manipulated.

To overcome the power of the bully one practices positive emotions IN SPITE of what the bully is trying to create in you.

This is why I love bullies, for they force me to practice love.

Since I do not want to feel fear or be intimidated, I practice love when my normal conditioning or habit would be to react with fear or some other negative emotion.  This love drives out that feeling of fear or whatever negative emotion I might habitually react with. This practice is not easy at the beginning, but it gets easier.

When I remember that bullies are people who learned how to bully by being bullied I can feel compassion for the bully.  Compassion is an aspect of love, all of which feels good or at least better than the intimidation and fear that the bully seems to want us to feel.

It is the compassion that motivates me to demonstrate to the bully that it is possible to overcome the world and its ability to cause them emotional pain.

I am reminded of a line that Jesus is reported to have said, “What profit you to love those who love you, even the sinners can do that.  So much greater is the profit to love those who persecute you.”

In my experience, my skill or ability to love grows faster when I am challenged to love those who torment, judge or bully me in some way.  It really is easy to love your friends and loved one, anyone can do that.  But you gain so much more in your skill of loving by loving those who torment you.

AND, you are demonstrating to them the way out of their suffering, which in itself is an act of love.  When you no longer feel the pain of the words or mean behaviors because you are no longer reacting to them in a way that causes you pain, then you are demonstrating to them how they too can overcome the world.

The way to end bullying in the world is to first top bullying ourselves by our reactions to what life is offering.  The practice of happiness, joy, love and gratitude in spite of what life is offering is how we stop bullying ourselves.  In my experience, all spiritual traditions around the world and most psychological systems encourage people to practice these positive emotions.

Don’t worry, be happy.

There is no way to happiness; happiness is the way.

The great commandment is to love…

Love one another…

All of these are encourage us to practice positive emotions.

Usually we think that emotions are something that happens to us, not something we have a choice in whether or not we experience.  But when a person endeavors to pursue and effort to developing their ability to feel any emotion at will, they will find that there is no greater gift they can give themselves or other than to make that effort.  Again, this is something that Jesus seemed to be talking about in his teachings but I also see it in the teaching of most great teachers.

We can overcome all bullying if we care enough about ourselves and others to make the effort.  Practicing joy and love in the presence of bullying is how we can get free from bullying and show the bully how they too can get free from those who bully them.

What is Unconditional Love?

I do not want to talk about theory or philosophy here; I really want to talk from my personal experience of Unconditional Love.

It took me a lot of work, time just asking myself what I wanted, listening to that inner voice or guidance, before I realized I prefer the experience of loving what life is offering to not loving what life is offering.  AND, it took a lot of work to cut through all the beliefs I had that restricted or limited my opportunity to love.  I had so many beliefs that told me I cannot love this or I cannot love that.  With time and a willingness to look at these beliefs, I eventually saw through ALL of those beliefs that limit my love.

I LOVE to love.  Love is the richest experience I have ever found, or at least love is the word I use to describe the richest experience I have ever had.  Therefore, I had to ask myself, why would I create or allow any conditions to exist that would limit my experience of love?

With a willingness to examine my beliefs and doing so, I realized that there are no good reasons to limit my love.

So now, I can and often do Unconditionally Love ALL that life has to offer.

When I love unconditionally all that life has to offer then I am experiencing Unconditional Love.

It does not matter if another or even the whole world can love me unconditionally, if I do no love then I will not know love.  As someone else once said, the measure you give is the measure you shall receive.

Does this mean that I will always CHOOSE to love what life is offering? No!  Part of life is the experience of fear, hate or whatever emotion life is offering, and I want to have these experiences too.  With consciousness or awareness that I have a choice on what type of emotion I experience, I have the freedom to choose the experience of love or not, it is not conditional upon external situations.

I do not need a complicated philosophy or theology to allow me to love unconditionally.  I do not need any person or object to practice the art of love.  I choose to love unconditionally when love is the experience I want to have.

I also find that with this unconditional love in my heart I have less or no need to see others change, yet I am available to demonstrate that change is an option if you should want it.  Loving what life is offering makes me a softer, kinder person.