My Fear of Commitment?

I have a Fear of Commitment. No doubt about that, I cannot follow through on just about anything. I have ideas galore but I do not follow though on any of them. Many a time I have what I thought was a good idea, even a great idea, but I have learned to sit with […]

Overcoming Fear

What motivates us? Is it a negative motivator like fear, pain, discomfort, doubt, or guilt? Or, is it a positive motivator like playfulness, joy, love, pleasure, or fun? If you are negatively motivated then you end up justifying and reinforcing negativity in your life. If you follow the positive motivators then you will manifest more […]

Judge Me, Please!

I want to improve myself and my ability to help people be healthier and happier. Your comments and criticism are appreciated, either here or at YouTube. I want to hear people’s criticism and judgments.I recognize that they cannot hurt me, only MY REACTIONS to words and thoughts can cause me harm.I have overcome my unhealthy […]

Educating the Heart

The author is Melvin McLeod. This article was NOT WRITTEN by the Dali Lama, but ABOUT him and his talks. I find that in this type of situation the writer sometimes does not convey the true mean or intent of the speaker.  Nor do many writers understand the words used and their INTENT, which is important.) […]

Dynamic Compassion

Dynamic Compassion is a compassion that goes beyond just respect, service and care. Compassion is the willingness to suffer with others. Dynamic compassion is the underlying cause of change or growth that comes from that willingness to suffer with others. Dynamic compassion is a willingness to engage the world or a situation that is unhealthy, […]

Fear of Self

Today I am struck by how people are so afraid of themselves. Everywhere I go I see people afraid. At first they seem afraid of me if they know anything about me, and sometimes even if they do not know anything about me. I see this as a “problem” within society but here in lies […]