Governments are Inherently Evil

The difference between a governmental type organization and a nongovernmental type organization is that governments have the right to use force and/or violence to accomplish their mission.              We look at forced sex as rape.  We call forced labor as […]

Being Terrorized is a Choice

Being terrorized is a choice, a choice that in today’s world we all have everyday. Personally I enjoy the drama of terrorism.  I see and hear what other people see and hear but I CHOOSE to react to it differently; […]

Could Monsanto Be Right?

This is a real good short documentary. Did you know that Monsanto has a product out there that is GMO designed to make people infertile? If you eat this GMO food you will no longer be able to make babies. […]

The Virtue of Laziness

Jesus was lazy and so was the Buddha.Both of them could read and presumable write but neither of them wrote anything down; probably because they were lazy.They were too lazy to be industrious and they did not ‘create’ anything.They just […]

War and Taxes

Support the War, pay your taxes. If you pay taxes you support war, terrorism, torture and murder. Only the gullible believe that a society based on violence or the threat of violence is necessary.

The Root Cause of Terrorism

The root cause of terrorism is in the very first line of the bible, which comes out of a primitive, unhealthy mind.It says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”This is a silly construct that comes out […]

Spiritual Issues in the Immigration Debate

What are our moral obligations to illegal immigrants_and to the laws of the U.S.?   From an article by Rabbi Marc Gellman, For me, the ‘obligations’ to obey the government is not as strong as the obligation to obey the God […]

Visionless "Leaders"?

When are the people of America going to see that Bush does not ‘get it’? He brushed aside concerns that people had about New Orleans before the hurricane and he brushed aside concerns people had about and invasion of Iraq […]