Could Monsanto Be Right?

This is a real good short documentary. Did you know that Monsanto has a product out there that is GMO designed to make people infertile? If you eat this GMO food you will no longer be able to make babies. I find that very interesting and in a way good. Only the ignorant people will eat the GMO foods and that will make them infertile so they cannot reproduce. The awakened ones will eat the organic foods and will be able to reproduce. Since our planet is overpopulated with stupid people what Monsanto is doing here is actually good for humanity. I never thought I would say this but, GO Monsanto.

We still need to force GMO labelling so that intelligent or caring people can at least be informed.

Why is the government supporting Monsanto? Maybe this is the reason: the planet is overpopulated, there is no doubt about that. With genetically engineered foods we can decrease the rate of procreation by stupid people by feeding them foods that will sterilize them. Monsanto is working on this job for the government because the big thinkers in the government can see this crisis coming, a crisis that narrow minded people cannot see and do not care about anyway.

Stupid people will not care so they do not read the labels anyway.  They will just eat this toxic food and become sterilized, stopping them from procreating.

I might add that vaccinations are part of this same strategy, vaccinate the stupid people with toxic chemicals that will either kill them or make them sterile. Personally, I do not like this idea but I do recognize the need for something to be done to stop all the baby making in the world. If we do not do things like this then we will destroy the planet we live on.

Education is the solution, not laws or government. We have to educate those who have ears to hear and let the others pass away.  We do not need to outlaw GMO foods, we just need to inform the people who care enough about themselves to be informed.  The stupid people will not listen anyway.  Using government to limit the options here will only delay the problem and make it worst in the long run.

Label those GMO foods but not make them illegal.

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