Do We Really Want to Get Along?

Conflict Avoidance

Do we all want to get along? Getting along means not confronting the status quo. Getting along means the ruling classes maintain their domination of the masses. But maybe the masses benefit from having the ruling classes dominate them.

Some people still need and want to be dominated by the ruling classes. And SOME people do not. That is why not getting along and challenging the status quo will always be a part of human society.

Hence the need for conflict. Those who are ready to evolve beyond being dominated by the ruling classes will get comfortable with conflict. Those who don’t get comfortable with conflict will always be dominated and abused by others.

There is another option; isolation, which a large percentage of people seem to choose. We isolate ourselves in our homes away from any force that can dominate us. We might allow pets and some people to be around since we can dominate them, but we will always live in fear of others. Fear will be our dominant experience.

Why are conflict and confrontation so hard? Most conflicts and confrontations are just verbal, using words as weapons. Why are we so afraid of words; we have been programmed like Pavlov’s Dog to be reactive to words with painful emotional responses. Words can only hurt us if we react

to them.
The evolved or evolving person takes responsibility for their reactions to what life is offering, including words. They no longer think that anyone else is responsible for upsetting them or making them happy. They take full responsibility for their inner experience.

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