War and Taxes

Support the War, pay your taxes. If you pay taxes you support war, terrorism, torture and murder. Only the gullible believe that a society based on violence or the threat of violence is necessary.

Emotional Predisposition

Believing happens when people hear some ‘information’ about something that they have an emotional predisposition toward. For instance, if a person has been shunned by Christians and they carry that emotional hurt with them then if there were to hear some ‘information’ challenges the validity of the Christian message they would have that emotional predisposition […]

Failure to Communicate

I see that the root cause of most of humanities problems is a failure to communicate. We do not talk enough with one another, particularly about deep and/or personal things. The problem is not that we do not share our financial wealth; it is that we do not share HOW we got our financial wealth. […]

The Root Cause of Terrorism

The root cause of terrorism is in the very first line of the bible, which comes out of a primitive, unhealthy mind.It says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”This is a silly construct that comes out of an immature, primitive mind that could not see that there was no beginning and […]