Renewing the Spirit of Liberality

I recently read an article by David Korten called Renewing the American Experiment where he called liberals or progressives to create credible stories that express our values, answer critical questions, enlarge and redefine the terms of debate, express our vision of human possible and evoke a sense of national purpose.             I am inspired not […]

Confront Hatred at Home

I keep reading about the terrorist attacks and the governments of the world response.  They want other countries to confront those who preach hate.  Maybe it is time for ALL of use to confront our own beliefs that encourage us to ‘hate’ something, anything.  Hate is NOT the solution to anything.              For instance, most […]

Americans are no safer today

It is more dangerous to be American today then it was in November of 2000.  There are more people today who hate Americans then there were in 2000 so no matter where we go in the world those who hate us will find us.  If we are the kind of people who expand our minds […]

Meditation/Relaxation Podcasts

I am starting to create MP3 guided relaxations/meditations. I will post them here at: MP3 Podcast. My goal is to have several relaxation exercises or meditations available to people on several different topics. Please write me with suggestions on topics for these exercises. I have two so far. Please listen to them and give me […]

This person’s blog is new but exceptional. The stories that s/he writes are excellent. I just wanted to pass them on to you.stOry fOr LiFe: The Balance of Love