Why does rejection hurt so much?  Why do people reject one another? Yesterday I had someone I wanted to stay connected with unfriend me on Facebook and it was painful.  Intellectually I recognize that this person did this to protect himself; he was afraid of how he might react to what I might say to him.  […]

Identification Ends Love

CNN Exclusive: One conservative’s dramatic reversal on gay marriage – This story is a perfect example of how a person’s identification with someone or something has limited their love.  Before Sen. Portman realized that someone HE KNEW and loved was gay he was very anti gay marriage.  But as soon as he realized that someone […]

Educating the Heart

The author is Melvin McLeod. This article was NOT WRITTEN by the Dali Lama, but ABOUT him and his talks. I find that in this type of situation the writer sometimes does not convey the true mean or intent of the speaker.  Nor do many writers understand the words used and their INTENT, which is important.) […]

Dynamic Compassion

Dynamic Compassion is a compassion that goes beyond just respect, service and care. Compassion is the willingness to suffer with others. Dynamic compassion is the underlying cause of change or growth that comes from that willingness to suffer with others. Dynamic compassion is a willingness to engage the world or a situation that is unhealthy, […]

Spiritual Issues in the Immigration Debate

What are our moral obligations to illegal immigrants_and to the laws of the U.S.?   From an article by Rabbi Marc Gellman, For me, the ‘obligations’ to obey the government is not as strong as the obligation to obey the God that lives within my heart. I see the “problem’ of immigration not as a problem […]