Jesus’ Democratic God

I have a passion for wanting to confront the IDEA of the God of Abraham, which is the same idea of God that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims use.  I see that Jesus saw the sickness of the idea of the God of Abraham and tried to create a new idea, a more democratic and benevolent idea for God, one that we are ALL part of and that none is greater than any other.  Jesus’ idea of God is a healthier idea, an idea that would enable people to find that Kingdom of God that is AT HAND, here, now, today.  However, the ruling classes wanted to maintain the delusion of the God of Abraham, a hierarchical idea of God that justifies their domination over the masses.  So they had to get rid of Jesus first and then they had to discredit him and his message.  To do that they sent Saul of Taurus to destroy the movement that Jesus started.

          Today that movement is called Christianity.  This movement calls Jesus the Christ and it calls itself Christ-anti, Christianity.  They used to say Christ Jesus but then they turned it around and now say, Jesus Christ.  They used to say anti-Christ when talking about the movement against Jesus’ way, truth, and life, but now they say Christ-Anti, Christianity. 

          This movement has been very successful so that now when anyone uses the name of Jesus they are disregarded and considered nutcases.  No one thinks that they too can find what Jesus found, that Kingdom of Heaven that is AT HAND, here, now, today.  No one can be “Perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect,” as Jesus said we could be. 

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