Emotional Predisposition

Believing happens when people hear some ‘information’ about something that they have an emotional predisposition toward. For instance, if a person has been shunned by Christians and they carry that emotional hurt with them then if there were to hear some ‘information’ challenges the validity of the Christian message they would have that emotional predisposition to want to believe that ‘information’. On the other hand, if a person has been raised to believe that they were sinner and that all sin will eventually get punished then when they hear the story that Jesus died on the cross for our sins they will have the emotional predisposition toward believing that it is true. Both of these examples are of people who are lying to themselves based on their emotional predisposition.

The wise and mature person will recognize that ALL beliefs are a product of emotional predisposition and result in self deception. So they accept the truth that, for instance, they do not know whether or not Jesus ever existed and that they can NEVER really know that.

Emotional healing is the process of recognizing that our emotions are a product of our lack of clarity or honest TO OURSELVES and practicing radical honesty without ourselves which keeps us in the present moment, the here and now. The practice ‘heals’ the habitual emotional reaction that causes us so much pain and suffering. We then begin to relax and stop injuring ourselves with our emotional reactions to the thoughts in our head. RELAXING around our thoughts is the key to healing ourselves emotionally and allowing the truth to do it perfect task.

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