The Root Cause of Terrorism

The root cause of terrorism is in the very first line of the bible, which comes out of a primitive, unhealthy mind.It says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”This is a silly construct that comes out of an immature, primitive mind that could not see that there was no beginning and there is no end.But their minds could not handle infinity and eternity so that created the illusion of beginning and end.With beginning then there had to be some ‘first cause’ or creator out there that created this world.If there is a creator then that creator must have had some reason to create the world.Then people can claim that they know the reason for this creation and they can create some laws based on that reason.With the “divine law” they can justify their mean spirited laws saying that if you do not do what “god” wants then we have a right to be mean to you.With ‘laws’ like the Torah, the Koran and the Bible, if you do not obey them then it is ok for us to terrorize you, to torture you and to murder you, for the is the law of the creator.

Therefore you can see that the root cause of terrorism is the primitive, barbaric and sick ideas of beginning and creator.

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