Oneness and Separation

In the beginning was the idea that there was separation within the Unified Field of Consciousness. Before the idea of separation came into being there was no beginning and no end, there just was Consciousness. But without the illusion of separation there could be no drama to enjoy and love, and there could be no joy and love, so imagination happened and “we” came into being and that “we” existed as separate beings just so we can have the drama of life.

Some of us have forgotten that there is no “we”, there is only “I”, as in I am that I am. Without awareness of the non-duality reality we imagine that our dramas are real and that creates needless suffering and misery. So the part of ‘we’ that is awake has always tried to tell the part of ‘we’ that is not awake to be aware of the “I AM” that is One and All. To do that sometimes we would say, “Know God” and other times we would just say ‘wake up’, but always it was just part of the ‘we’ telling the other part of ‘we’ that all is ok, all is perfect just as it is.

And part of the beautiful and perfect drama is our attempt to wake each other up. It is part of the love that we came for, loving and caring enough to make the effort to try and wake each other up.

Thank God for the delusion separation, for without it there cannot be love.

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