What is the True Purpose of Meditation?

What is the True Purpose of Meditation?. Posted on: November 13th, 2010 by Rakesh Sethi This is a decent article about meditation, but I do not think the author has gone far enough, so I added my comments: I have found that meditation […]

Dealing with Rejection

Most people experience reject all the time in their lives.  The more we stick our neck out and reach out to others the more rejection we will experience. People reject me all the time, and as always, it hurts, for […]

What is Love?

“Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside.” – Margaret Walker My take on love comes from watching what is actually happening inside the body when we are experiencing the sensation known as love.  This is something that anyone […]


I have had a long-standing interest in understanding how this human instrument works.  This interest is not limited to the physical or medical functions but also the neurological, psychological, mental and emotional aspects of the human instrument.  My interest leads […]

Dangerous Pixels

Are people so stupid as to think that pixels on their computer screen can hurt them?  Really?  Do people really want to give their power and peace away to anyone who comes along and says something to them?  Really? Pixels […]

Dynamic Compassion

Dynamic Compassion is a compassion that goes beyond just respect, service and care. Compassion is the willingness to suffer with others. Dynamic compassion is the underlying cause of change or growth that comes from that willingness to suffer with others. […]

Stopping the Spin

When emotional drama becomes too much and you feel you are traumatizing yourself (injuring yourself), stop the spin of the drama by getting back to a place of stillness and the clarity that it brings. When you are uptight or […]