Dangerous Pixels

Are people so stupid as to think that pixels on their computer screen can hurt them?  Really?  Do people really want to give their power and peace away to anyone who comes along and says something to them?  Really?

Pixels are defined as “A minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed.”

I am constantly getting people who seem so unconscious as to think that the arrangement of pixels on their computer screen is hurting them, and the one who arranged those pixels are their screen is the evil one who is abusing them.

Can people really be THAT stupid or unconscious?  Cannot people see that pixels do not hurt them, it is their reactions to those pixels can cause them harm?

I know many college educated people who actually think that pixels can harm them.  That is about as silly as thinking that their shadow can attack them and hurt them.

I am well aware that these people have just been programmed to brutalize themselves emotionally when stimulated by words.  This was to the advantage of the ruling classes, the parents, teachers, clergy, government, etc.  I was programmed the same way, but I noticed that I was my own worst enemy, I was the only one abusing me and I took responsibility for that behavior and worked to stop it.  Today, I feel free from that self-abusive behavior.

Part of that process of getting free from this programming is to be brutally honest with our self and admit the truth, that pixels (or words) cannot hurt us, it is our reactions that cause us harm.

All the spiritual traditions out there that I have studied are about teaching people how to relax around the thoughts that come into their mind.  Even psychotherapy is about this in its primitive way.  Meditation is the practice of just watching those thoughts and learning to let go of the reaction and relax around them.

Smart people seek out this training or discipline and they seek opportunities to practice.  Stupid people just blame the computer or the person who arranged pixels on their screen that they took offense at, or they end relationships blaming the other for pushing their buttons.

I am here to serve people, people who want to wake up, be empowered over their inner world and their inner peace.

I like the example of both the one called Buddha and the one called Christ who said and practiced that we should focus our attention on those who have ears to hear and let the dead bury the dead.  That means to serve those who actively want what I am offering and to let the others just go.

If someone wants to learn how to relax or meditate then I will teach them that, IF they ask.  I am here only to serve those who want to find that inner peace, peace WITH the world.  But, if they are seeking peace IN the world then it is best to get away from me, for I will only piss them off and expose the hell they create for themselves.

I admit that it is hard for me to stop caring about people who are obviously hurting, and that is what is required of me.  So at times, I will reach out to the hurting one, the one who in their confusion thinks that I am the one hurting them, and I will make an effort to awaken them from the nightmare they are imposing upon themselves by their beliefs.  However, if they just run away then that is OK by me, for I would rather spend my time on the living than on the dead (those dead unto themselves).

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