Demonstrating Love

Lately, I have been focused on not just talking or writing about what I have to offer, but DEMONSTRATING it. Books and blogs and Facebook do not really allow one to fully demonstrating the courage, which is the manifestation of love, that I feel I have come to share. I am feeling more attracted to public speaking, in public places like town squares, malls or colleges and making videos of that to publish on my blog. The world has change radically in the last 30 years with the advent of the internet and digital communications. Books and the written word are old school, old and outdated ways of communicating. A picture tells a thousand words and a video tells a million.

Demonstrating how to love one’s self FIRST takes being in situations that for most people would be very uncomfortable in and making oneself comfortable. It is skill that comes with practice.

For now, I have my platform, it is called Earth, and I am called to travel around it speaking wherever I can find people gathered.

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