Open to the Truth

How does one know if they are open to the truth, if they have ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’?  Does one have to ‘apply’ some truth or what others believe is the truth, or what is true for others, in order for us to be ‘open’ to that truth?

I am sure there are many people who would say that I am not open to the truth. Yet, I feel I am open to the truth, and I have gone to great effort to make myself open to that truth or anyone’s version of truth.  I have not gone to as much effort to change myself in accordance to what other’s believed is the truth.  This is why I think that people would say I am not open to the truth; because I am not willing to live up to their standards or expectation.

When I say that I see myself as open to the truth, I am referring to my ability to listen to others express themselves fully without needed to control that expression or without having and emotional response that would blind me to what they are attempting to express.

In the language of Jesus, I choose blessedness and do not take offense at anyone for anything they say.

Because I encourage people to be honest with me and I make a practice at relaxing and not reacting to what they say, I would say that I am open to the truth.

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