Religion & Believing

The value of religion is to keep the gullible masses in check. Unfortunately the apposing forces of domination, the trouble makers like Jesus or myself have not been doing our job in stimulating the masses to question the authority of the religions or wake them up from their unconscious gullibility.

Religions are not like educational systems that have a program in which if you follow it you will eventually graduate from the system. Instead religions want to keep you bond to them indefinitely: perpetual bondage.

As there are some dogs that seem too stupid to understand the dangers of life in a city where there are cars on the road, there are people who are too stupid to understand the dangers of life in a world where there are unscrupulous people who will injury or harm them. Many of those unscrupulous people work in churches and states, religion and government, but they are not always as unscrupulous as some other people who could do greater harm.

BUT, this is how nature works to get rid of stupid people and stupid creatures; it allows them to get run over by cars. Hence, because of religions and governments we have a world over populated by stupid people who are destroying their own planet.

Why People Believe

People choose to believe something because they do not have actual knowledge of something but the THOUGHT of that something is emotionally attractive. They want that which they believe to be true.

For instance, they believe that an airplane they are about to fly on is going to function appropriately and that they pilot is competent. They don’t know this to be a fact but want it to be true. The belief calms their mind somewhat.

The same thing happens in religious beliefs. A religious believer have some beliefs that are creating discomfort for them so they choose other beliefs to give them comfort from the first set of belief.

If they would just question their original assumptions till they can see that those are not real then they would have no need to lie to themselves about the other beliefs.

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