The Value of Sloth & Apathy

When I think of sloth I am reminded of something that Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy burdened and I shall give you rest” (Matt 11:29). Then I think about the “Protestant Work Ethic and how Protestant Christianity teaches people to work harder and be slaves who are “good servants to their masters” (Paul’s language). Christians are taught to believe, obey and submit to the ruling classes. Yet this is NOT what Jesus taught or did…it was NOT Jesus’ way or truth.
Sloth is called one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is defined at disinclination toward work or effort. I don’t remember any stories of Jesus or Siddhartha (Buddha) working really hard.

If you were an owner of slaves would you want somebody like Jesus to hang around your slaves or would you rather have somebody like Paul who would teach them to be good servants to their masters? It does not take a genius to see that Paul and his minions (Christians) would be more valuable to the slave owners than Jesus and other Christs.

Apathy is defined as a lack of feeling, emotion, interest or concern. It can also be seen and detachment, being above the world, contentment, equanimity, indifference and peace.
If people want peace then they have to let go of caring, quit storing your treasures here on earth where anything can attack them. This means not caring even out your “self”, your body, mind and/or soul.
This does not mean that you NEVER care or have emotion, feeling, interest or concern, only that when you are tired and need rest that you stop caring while you rest. This is like breathing in and breathing out, both are necessary for you to be healthy, both have their time.

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