Primitive Religious Mind

KRT Wire | 05/18/2005 | Quran more than a book for Muslims This story only shows that the primitive mind, the religious mind, still makes material things important. Even fundamental Christians revere their Bible as the fundamental Muslims revere their […]

Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow

This story makes me wonder if the Apocalypse the religious conservative are bring about is not a good thing in the long run. I do agree that there will be troubles for humanity in the short run. Yet the smart […]

MSNBC – Poll shows U.S. views on Muslim-Americans: “The survey conducted by Cornell University also found that Republicans and people who described themselves as highly religious were more apt to support curtailing Muslims� civil liberties than Democrats or people who […]

Yahoo! News – Cannabis Increases Risk of Psychosis -Study This, hopefully, will be an eye opener for those of you who imbibe. It has been my experience that the people I have known or know who have used cannabis for […]

MSNBC – The Republic of Turmoil In the “Good Ol Days” the conservatives still did not have the ability to appreciate, enjoy and love what life was offering. This only shows that conservative will never be able to love what […]

MSNBC – Brain scanners can probe your politics: “Take empathy: One Democrat�s brain lit up at an image of Kerry �with a profound sense of connection, like a beautiful sunset,� Freedman said. Brain activity in a Republican shown an image […]

Thanks to Bush, America is no longer the moral leader of the world. It is just the place you can come and make money. It is time to go back to doing unto others as we would want done unto […]

The unions of America must recognize that the market climate of this country has changed and that their product/service is not needed like it was in the past. This is not to say that there is not a market for […]

America has had many black marks on its rich history of liberty and respect for others. Guantanamo Bay will be another one. Just as we look at the embarrassment of the Japanese internment camps during World War II, someday we […]