Beyond the Democrat Party of the Bible Belt

“No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought.”
JOHN STUART MILL (English philosopher), Autobiography, 1873

No great change is going to happen in our political reality until people start to think beyond their current fundamental constitutions or modes of thought. It is time to think beyond the thoughts of “us against them”. It is time for the Democrats to start looking at how they can SERVE the Republicans and conservatives of America and the world, not be opposed to them.

The Democrat’s have historically been a party that serves the labor and working classes of America. How about that we (Democrats) being here to serve PEOPLE as opposed to serving institutions like unions, corporations, churches and governments. We have thought that we created these institutions to help us serve people but they always end up becoming the master over people. As long as an organization has hierarchical decision making power they will always revert to corruption. As long as we keep thinking that centralized decision making is going to solve our problems we are only CREATING more problems. The Democrat’s can change this primitive way of thinking and look to decentralizing the power and authority of the federal government so that the power is taken BACK toward the people in our local governments. A grass roots effort is the only real government that we need. That is a government of people, not institutions.

Is this not totally opposite the Theology of the Bible-Belt? The belief of the bible-belt is that humans are inherently flawed, sinful or evil so they need to be controlled and dominated. This attitude basically comes from the demented (unloving and faithless) teachings of the apostle Paul. The assumptions is that because we need to be controlled humanity needs a hierarchical structure and those who raise to the top are there because God has chosen them to be there.

The Democrats have believed that the best way to create this hierarchical structure is through unions and government where the Republicans have believed that the best way to create this structure is through church and corporations. BOTH are founded on faithless and unloving belief in the flawed nature of humanity.

This new way of thinking is very much consistent with the perspective of we are all gods, part of God. Why should any one person have authority over any other person if we are all equally part of God? Jesus taught these ideas two thousand years ago and they are still good ideas, even if it is a primitive way of expressing it. Yes, there are people who do not realize they are part of God, but that is THEIR manifestation of God at this moment, so why not let them be who they are at this moment. We can still make every effort to wake them up to who they really are.

We are Gods, perfect beings JUST AS WE ARE. When we wake up we can see that we are perfect, have always been and will always be. Waking up is such a rich experience that we cherish the unconsciousness for the OPPORTUNITY that it created for us to wake up.

The Democrats can be the ‘party’ of people waking each other up to our divinity and we can use the government we have to that purpose, until we no longer need a government.


In a practical sense Democrats can be a party that supports health education, not health insurance that only gives money to the corporate interests of the doctors, pharmacy companies and hospitals. The health insurance industry is about creating dependency on doctors, pharmacies and hospitals, not about creating healthy people who have NO NEED for doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.

In defense Democrats can be a party that supports people learning how to defend themselves instead of be dependent on militaries and police to do it. Do you think we would be at war in Iraq today if we only had militia of citizens to defend the country? A militia can not be an aggressive force; it can only be a defensive force. We could turn the Defense Department into a training institution that teaches people how to defend themselves. We could replace the Defense Department (War Department) with the Peace Corps and ‘invest’ in other countries by sending teachers there to teach people how to take care of themselves and live free.

How about creating tax credits for people who teach others how to be financially independent? We could create all types of tax credits for people who teach others to be healthy, independent and free.

These are just a few of the ideas that WE all can come up with IF we have the faith in ourselves.

It is time for a radical change in our ways of thinking.

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