Season of the White Crow

Rob Brezney writes in his astrology column ( for Sagittarius last week:

“If you want to upset the law that all crows are black,” wrote William James, “you mustn’t show that no crows are, it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.”  Philosopher Jonathan Zap applies this idea to his ruminations about telepathy.  He says that if there is even one irrefutable case in which two minds have communicated with each other at a distance and without the aid of technology, then telepathy must be a fundamental human capacity.  I believe this is an important line of thought for you to consider, Sagittarius.  Why? Because you’ve entered the Season of the White Crow.

The Season of the White Crow means to me that it is time to question some fundamental laws or beliefs of humanity.  For me, that means it is time for me to question the fundamental belief that words hurt people, that words are powerful. 

            I do not need to prove that all people are not hurt by words; I only need to prove that I can not be hurt by words.  Better yet, if I show that there are many people who have overcome the power of words to hurt them then I have made my case better.

            I have found that words can not hurt me, only my reactions to words can cause me injury.  If I take responsibility for my reactions and my behaviors and work to develop the blessedness to not take offense at works, then I can be free from the fear of words.

            Blessedness is a result of letting go, of relaxing and not reacting to the stimuli that is constantly coming at us.  Blessedness is the practice of just watching what happens and not reacting.  Blessedness comes with the practice of meditation.  Meditation is the practice of blessedness.

            People are constantly telling me that what is said has power and that we can hurt people with our words.  I notice that these people are afraid of other people, they are afraid of talking to people, or should I say, they are afraid of their reactions to what people say.  In essence, they are afraid of themselves.  If we fear ourselves we can not love ourselves.  If we can not love ourselves then we will not be able to love others.


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