Why Don’t I “Just Do It?”

Why don’t I just post things on social media?  Something, anything?  I have a blog that I have not posted to in months if not years.  I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I just don’t post things.  

Could it be because I am lazy?

Could it be because I am fearful?

Could it be because I am not focused?

Could it be because in my subconscious I don’t think I am worthy or that what I have is not of value to anyone?

Could it be because I am distracted?  

I often think that others are weak because they have not developed their Emotional Intelligence (EI), but could it be because I am lacking some aspect of EI?

This is one post.  Will I continue?  Will I have consistency?  Historically, I have not had consistency.  Why?

Am I overthinking this?  What is “over thinking” and what is just seeking understanding?

I am just going to post this and see what happens.  

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