Why Stupid Peope Protect the ‘Honor’ of People Who Choose to be Offended by Team Names

Why Republicans Protect the ‘Honor’ of Offensive Team Names | The Nation.

This article states, “The name of Washington DC’s football team, the Redskins, is under fire. “Redskins” is an offensive term and therefore inappropriate for the team representing our nation’s capital. That’s kind of obvious, right?”

NO!  The word “Redskins” is NOT offensive.  No word is offensive.  But stupid, unconscious people might react to this or that word in such a way as to ‘offend’ or abuse themselves.  This is EXACTLY what the ruling classes want people to do.  The ruling classes want people to hurt around words because they use words and the hurt that people create for themselves to control and manipulate those unconscious people.

If you support slavery then you want to encourage people to think that words can harm them, that words are offensive.  Intelligent and loving people do not encourage this abuse, they confront those who do encourage slavery and abuse.

People have been trained since the beginning of time to abuse themselves around words that the those who know can use that abuse to their own advantage.  How else can the slave owners get the slaves to word without needing to revert to the violence of the whip?  It is words they use to ‘whip’ the slaves into shape.

once we understand that it is OUR REACTIONS to words that causes us harm, our CHOOSING to take offense at something, then we can take commend of ourselves, learn to relax and not react.  Then, and only then, will be no longer need to fear other people, relationships and communications of any sort.


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