Anger Management

Punished BY Anger
You will not be punished because of your anger, you will be punished BY your anger. Buddha

In my early 30s, I was an anger addict or a rageaholic.  The pain of this anger and rage is what drove me to seek a way out; it drove me to what some call “spiritual seeking”.  Eventually I found relief from the anger and rage and not just relief but I came to be able to see the whole world at perfect just the way it is.  However, before I could see the truth that set me free to fully enjoy and love all that life had to offering I had to calm myself down and let go of the anger and rage.  I also had to recognize that I was the problem not the world, not the people I interacted with, not the government, not the economic system, not religions, not the authorities, not my family or friends: me, myself, I.  That is where I had to start look, at myself and my ways of thinking.

So managing my anger was became managing myself and how I looked at the world, my beliefs, my attitudes and my ways of thinking.

Oh, and myself importantly, managing my anger because a quest to learning how to relax and be healthy, of body and mind.

It was a process.  For thirty years I had been developing my ‘ability’ to be angry and now it was time to develop my ability to be calm, peaceful, joyous and loving.  I still have the ability to be passionate, one of the skills of anger, but now I am free of the fear, which is an aspect of anger that I no longer feel any need for.

I have learned a lot about relaxing and health since then and I try to share that people wherever I can.  Most often I find that people are just not open to learning yet, so I look for ways to crack into their hard exteriors and share with them a way out of that hardness.

Currently I am developing an Anger Management Workshop here in Berkeley California that I want to conduct in a public park so that anyone can attend.  I do not plan to charge for this workshop so that even the homeless will feel that can come.  It is my experience that many if not all the homeless people have some sort of problem with their anger or other emotional issues.  Maybe, through this workshop, I can inspire them to work their way out of their suffering.  Maybe…

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