I recognize that, at times, I am closed-minded and I recognize that we all are closed-minded at times. It is natural for a person to resist change or new ideas or new ways of thinking.

Recognizing this but not wanting to close myself off to something new that might improve the quality of my life experience, I decided to look at closed mindedness and how to overcome that handicap.

So how do I ensure that I do not be closed-minded? I cannot.

What I can do it to make myself comfortable with listening to what others have to say, and I can develop a habit of not reacting while they are telling me what they think will benefit me. I can also encourage people to recognize that we all are closed-minded and I can ask them to keep trying even if I do not seem to be receptive at first.

One thing I never want to do is to take offense at anything anyone offers me, for that is a sure sign I am closed-minded.

How can I help others I see who are being themselves and closing themselves off to anything the universe is offering them? I am not sure that I can, except to do what I have just done and write about, hoping that others will recognize this trait within themselves. I also will make every effort to break through someone’s closed mindedness that I feel I can. My friends will recognize this as a loving effort to serve them. Those who are not part of my ‘tribe’ will probably take offense at this effort and there is a very good chance they will ‘un-friend’ me in one form or another.

When does being persistent become pestering someone? That is relative and only each one of us can define that for ourselves. I find that the more closed-minded a person is the more they will perceive ANY intrusion as pestering. Yet, I also find that the more open minded a person is they will be willing to at least listen fully to what you are offering and you will feel complete in your offering even if they do not find what you are offering as valuable to them at this time.

Why are some people more closed-minded than others are? I find that if a person has developed a habit of abusing themselves emotionally and blaming others for that abuse. So they will naturally be afraid of THEMSELVES and their own reactions to what others share with them, so they will not want to hear what others have to say, at least not if those others think outside of the narrow boxes in their mind.

Not all allowing others to share with us is about us. Sometimes people just need to share or even vent, so allowing them to do that with you is an act of compassion or love. In addition, of course, compassion and love are good for you.

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