Master Your Mind

Master your own mind.  This is the heart of the message of all the great teachers or ‘masters’ that ever existed, be they called Buddhas or Christs, for they were masters over their own minds and hence masters over the world.

Meditation or ‘watching’ is just the process of watching your own mind so that you can see how it works and then become a master over it.  Meditation enables us to gain clarity and it is with clarity that we can see the truth that sets us free to enjoy and love all that life offers us.

The Four Steps or Four Skills, which I call the Four Ss, enable us to come to that place of clarity.  When you follow these steps, you develop these skills and then whenever you have lost the light within these steps or skills enable you to get back to clarity which again allows you to see the truth that sets you free to go back to enjoying and loving ALL that life has to offer.

When you have found the perfect truth that sets you perfectly free to love unconditionally ALL that life has to offer, and then you will know the Nirvana, the Heaven that is here, now, and AT HAND.

2 thoughts on “Master Your Mind

  1. Just starting to understand this concept Jim, great message!! 🙂

    • Jim

      Thanks LeAnn.

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