Dad Punishes Daughter By Shooting Computer

Dad Shooting Laptop

This guy is One Sick Parent, and the sooner his daughter gets away from him the better. Talking about disrespect as he sits there smoking a cigarette, how stupid, for he is DEMONSTRATING that he does not feel he is worthy of respect by his KILLING himself with his smoking. Then he goes and does VIOLENCE to a computer to show respect? How stupid and sick can a person be.

If he really loved his daughter he would talk to her about he ‘problems’ with him and work it out, he would not be violent. He could talk about the economics of reality, that he is paying for her shelter and food and that he could stop buying his daughter any ‘special’ items, like new clothes, computers or phones, etc. but doing violence to anything, using a GUN to make his point to his daughter? Really? This guy is sick and those who support him are sick.

Would Jesus have done this? Hell, no, but this is what is taught in the ‘bible belt’.

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