Unnecessary Suffering

  I am sad to see people abusing themselves emotionally just over something someone said to them.  It is a sad world that programs us to abuse ourselves just so others can control and manipulate us.  I am glad I took the time and effort to overcome the world’s ability to stimulate my self-abusive behavior.  I would really like to find a way to share this ability/skill with others.

We can all overcome the world’s ability to stimulate our self-abusive behavior IF we are willing to take the time and effort to develop the skills necessary.

It is obvious that the skill of controlling our bowels and bladder improves our life experience, for we no longer need to wear diapers.  Nevertheless, most people have no idea that they can learn to control their emotional self-abusive behavior with just a little awareness and effort.  Anger, fear, guilt, shame, doubt, pessimism and all forms of negative or unattractive emotional and mental states and with consciousness we can choose to experience these or not. We can also choose happiness, joy, love, peace, freedom and we can choose to see beauty in all that life offers.

However, all this takes skill and practice just as it took awareness and effort to develop the skills of walking, controlling our bowels and bladder, riding a bike, driving a car or most anything else.

The greatest gift we can give others or ourselves is our UNCONDITIONAL happiness, joy, love, peace and freedom.

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