Life does not have to suck.  We do not have to have “problems” with our relationships.  We do not have to live in dread of the future or with guilt of the past.  In fact, life can be a perfect as you are open for it to be.

Great masters have long taught that anyone can improve the quality of their life IF they are willing and open.  I have found that if we are open to it, life can be PERFECT, heaven or nirvana.

If life is not working for you, if your relationships are challenging, if you want something more, if you look out at the world and all you see is darkness, if your health is challenging, then I may be able to help you.

Sometimes having a friend or coach that can help you see things from a different perspective can change your whole experience of life.

My focus is not on what we “do” in life but on how we look at it or how we think about life.

Our minds get into ruts and our friends and family tend to only support us thinking they way we have always thought.  Thinking “out of the box” about our life choices, relationships and general outlook on life enables us feel a freedom that we have not felt before.

Community happens when people communicate their commonness.   All community is about relationships and our primary relationship is always with ourselves.  If our relationship with ourselves is not healthy then no other relationship will be healthy.  Healthy relationships start with be good to ourselves no matter what the circumstances.  I will help you see how to do this and coach you to practice.

With a few simple exercises, we can develop skills that will enable us to become masters over our own life instead of always feeling that we are just victims of what life is offering.

I work entirely on donations so if you have found any value from anything I have offered your donations will be greatly appreciated.

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