I am about HEALTH: mental, emotional, physical, social, financial, environments, political health. I recognize that the planet cannot be healthy if the people are not healthy. People cannot be healthy in their bodies and relationships if they are not health in their minds. A healthy body/mind relationship means that we do not react to every thought that comes through our minds. Learning how to relax and practicing relaxing is how we give ourselves, our bodies, our relationships and our planet rest and peace.

So I am about helping people learn to relax and be healthy. Mental health is everything for it all starts in the mind and our reactions to thoughts. What thoughts do we make important enough to continue thinking and to react to?

I am still trying to figure out who Jim Freedom is. I know who I am, for I have always been and will always be, but Jim Freedom is just my temporary vehicle to experience life through. He is constantly changing.

My legal name is Jean Michael Freedom but I call myself Jim.

I used to think of myself as special or different, and maybe in the back of my mind I still do, but now I think less of who Jim Freedom in relationship to others and more about what service he can be to others. Many people have told me that when I talk about who I am as different to them that I cut them off. So, let this web site not be about me but about what I have to offer you.

I was born November 29, 1952 at 6:23pm in Oakland, California. I am 6’4″ tall and weight about 185 lbs. I love to hike; that is my main form of exercise, which I do about 4 times a week. I love to go on long hikes, about 7 to 10 miles a day. For a person my age I am in VERY good shape (I have climbed all of Colorado’s 54 mountains over 14,000 feet and now I am working on California’s.) Health is obviously important to me.

I do enjoy relating to people. I have strived for years to be as honest a person as I can be. Yet, I find so much resistance from people when I am honest. I sometimes feel weak and lonely so I become quiet so that other people will accept me. When I do this too much I no longer like myself. That is why I want to find people who want to learn how to accept me, maybe even love me someday.

I see myself as a visionary. To me a visionary is a person who sees the big picture. The analogy that I use is of a mosaic made of broken glass and clay. Most people are looking at the mosaic for a very close perspective and all they see is the broken glass and mud (they are so close that they scrape their noses on the broken glass.) From this perspective the view is not very pretty. But the visionary steps back and looks at the mosaic picture from a distance where he/she can see the beauty of the work.

As a visionary I can see that life is beautiful and perfect. I do see that when you get up close and personal there is a lot of drama and ugliness, but that drama is part of the big picture that is beautiful. My hope in life is to awaken more people to this beautiful vision of reality that is available to them if they would just take the time to look. With that vision we can come back into life and work to make the closer perspective beautiful too.

As an awaken person I realize that what I want in life is to love, unconditionally. I am not always awake so I do not always love and accept people either. BUT, I want to.

I am single and always have been. It would be nice to find a special someone who also was interested honesty, radical, and sometimes brutal honesty, but I do not hold out for that much any more.

My spiritual quest of years of seeking gave me a great appreciation for what is. Not what I want nor what my beliefs, desire or dreams are but what is here and now. I am VERY much into healthy body and mind. To that end, I find that radical honesty keeps me healthy in both my body and my mind. If I hide something from myself or from others then that “eats me up inside” or creates a “dis-ease” within. That is why I love to be challenged to be honest.

In 1988, after three years of full time seeking, travelling around the world and meditating sometimes up to 20 hours a day, I had a mystical experience that changed my life. Hopefully, I have given up the idea that this experience makes me special, but I probably have not. Yet, I am moving in that direction.

Since that time my primary motivation has been to find a way to share what I have found. This, of course, is no easy task. I am still working on it.

Admittedly, dumb or asleep people bore me. I love to question authority, particularly my own. Independence is important to me and so is teamwork. Life and staying awake are a team task. I am looking for teammates. I see all of humanity as my family and I take responsibility for them, to the degree that I can. I do not want to be dumb or asleep so I love to be challenged to be conscious of the source of my thoughts and desires. Of course, I would love to find people (teammates) who would like that too.

I am fascinated by human motivation. This makes me inquisitive when around people and that frightens off those who are insecure about who they are or what they feel or believe. I love to help people overcome their insecurities and fears. Overcoming fear is the same thing as learning to love.

I have published some pictures of me.

What else would you like to see here about me? I really do not know so please let me know. Please email me.

I have written a book about my journey to freedom. I call it “My Story”. This is the unedit version of that story.

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