How Open is Your Mind

I often hear people say that they are an open minded person (at least my liberal friends say that) but I wonder just HOW open minded they really are. When a mind is open would it not be expanded to thinking outside the boxes of conventional thought? What thoughts does everybody else have that you also have? Where are you thinking in a box that even your opponents are trapped in?

I hear ‘open minded’ people being really worried that humanity is on the verge of destruction if we do not wake up really soon. Are they not just still thinking in terms of the same old ‘box’ of individuality and separateness? Do they not see that they still think of themselves as people or a person who is finite and temporal?

If your mind was infinitely open would you not be God? Well, yea, you would be but then you would not be dealing with ‘reality’ would you?

Now the word reality has the root of ‘real’ and most dictionaries have the second definition of the word real as permanent. Are ‘we’ permanent? Is this illustrious individual person that I think I am a permanent thing in the infinite universe? Has it always been and will it always be?


Are we not are just temporary phenomena that rise and will some day disappear? Some would say that we are just an illusion, a dream that the humans who are ready can wake up from. O wake, O wake, O Israel

This is not denial of the ‘reality’ of the manifest world, the drama that life offers. No, quite the contrary. With this perspective available to you, you can choose between two identities. The first one, the box that everyone has, is thinking of yourself as a person with all the dramas of life and even really get into that life. The second identity is thinking of yourself as God, the witness of drama that is life. You have a choice.

This, for me, is what it means to be ‘born again’ once of water and a second time of spirit. “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” The ‘and’ makes it TWO identities that we can choose from.

Why do we go to the movies? Is it not for the drama that they offer, the excitement or the emotion that they stimulate in us? Yet, when the movie is over we can leave the theater and come back to ‘reality’ where the dramas are less intense.

When we are awake we have the option of getting into our lives and their dramas until we are fulfilled, then just say, “Beam me up, Scotty” and return to our true identity as Spirit or God to rest the human instrument that we are using to experience life through.

The truth will set you free somebody once said. Can being ‘bound’ to one limited little identity and soul be of the truth? Nay!

So why not be free to have two identities? Then you can enjoy both the drama of life and the peace WITH the world when your body/mind needs a rest.

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