Moral Courage

I want to articulate a new angle on the biblical depravity and extend that all Jews, Christians and Muslims who embrace the bible as their moral manual are moral cowards for they do not have the courage to question the moral depravity and outright sickness of the writers of the bible.


I challenge the Jews, Christians and Muslims to admit that the writers of the bible were morally sick when they advocate slavery, or taking young girls as sex slaves, or murdering children, or murdering people who disagreed with you.  Yet, not one of the Christians or Jews I have challenged with this had the courage to say that yes, those behaviors are morally sick and the people who advocate them are morally sick people.  I say the writers of the bible were moral cowards because they did not have the courage to admit that this was their sickness and instead created a deity and attributed their own sickness to the authority of their deity. 


I say that the ‘problem’ here is that Jews, Christians and Muslims do not have the moral courage to question any of the writings of the bible let alone the more advance or subtly sick teachings of even Jesus.  The question is moral courage.  Religious people use a deity to justify their own moral depravity and keep a hard hearted perspective on life.  Religious people, particularly western religious people, do not have the courage to question authority, practically religious authority, but also political authority such as the constitution, and go beyond the moral depravity of the ancient and primitive people of the past. 


Yet, I see that the bible does point in the direction we should go in that the teachings EVOLVE from the most morally depraved OT to a softer, gentler, kind, more loving and liberal perspective in the NT.  So the bible is pointing toward being a liberal.


I hear the Christians try to terrorize people by telling them they will burn in hell for all eternity if they do not submit to Jesus’ authority and I feel the moral depravity of this.  Sharing fear is NOT a loving thing to do, yet it is all that conservative religious people know. 


I find that there are very few things in the bible that are not morally depraved but one of them is ‘love one another’.  And love drives out fear, NOT induces it.  Christians try to induce fear and because of this they are morally depraved and sick. 


I constantly amazed as to how far the Christians would go to deny the obvious contradictions and moral depravity that the bible has.  And in the end they run away when challenged.  At least they did not try to kill me as their bible tells them to. 

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