Americans are no safer today

It is more dangerous to be American today then it was in November of 2000.  There are more people today who hate Americans then there were in 2000 so no matter where we go in the world those who hate us will find us.  If we are the kind of people who expand our minds and our horizons beyond the borders of this country then we will want to travel the world.  But thanks to George W. Bush that is more dangerous then it was five years ago.  No matter how much money we spend on national security our ‘enemies’ will always find a way to defeat it. 

The key to our security is to make friends with those we think of as our enemies.  Jesus said to love our enemies but the conservatives of America do not seem to have gotten that message.  They still preach the hateful doctrine of love the neighbors and hate thy enemy. 

It is time for the liberals of America to stand up and take the moral lead.  We ARE the moral leaders, but we have been too intimidated by the religious right to take that leadership. 


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