The Wisdom of a Snowflake

It has been said that no two snowflakes are the same, that each snowflake is formed differently from all other snowflakes. Also, no two snowflakes will fall to the same place at the same time.  In time, space and form all snowflakes are unique.

The snowflakes that are the first to fall will be the last ones exposed to the sun.  The snowflakes that are the last to fall will be the first exposed to the warming rays of the sun.

For each snowflake the time and place may be different, but when the warmth of the sun brings each snowflake to the Melting Point of water that snowflake will undergo a transformation: from snowflake crystal to a drop, from ice to water.  All snowflakes change when brought to the same temperature at the same pressure.  So, in essence, all snowflakes are the same; for all are made of ice that changes into water at the Melting Point.

The snowflake becomes a drop of water that flows with the forces of nature.  The drops on the south side of the mountain flow toward the south.  The drops on the north side of the mountain flow toward the north, and so on.  Each drop flows by the path of least resistance down the mountain until it comes to a place of rest.

After the transformation the snowflake looses its uniqueness, it form, its separateness and begins to flow with other drops of water.  It becomes a trickle, then a brook, then a stream, then the creek, then the river and finally a whole ocean.

No longer can the drop that was the snowflake be distinguished from the ocean.  For the drop is not longer a drop. It has lost it boundaries, it has become first the trickle, then the brook, then the stream, then the river and finally the whole ocean.  The drop grows until it becomes all the living waters of the world.

People are like snowflakes.  There are no two people in all the world who are the same, and no two people who will eve be at the same place at the same time.

Those who are first exposed to the light of the truth, and not mature enough to appreciate that truth, will be the last ones to realize that truth in their life.  Those who are last exposed to the truth, when they are ready for it, will be the first to apply it to their life and will realize it.

A person's hardness will soften when exposed to the heat of the pain, the suffering that comes from being torn between the imaginary reality of the mind's past or future and the reality that is being experienced in the Present Moment.

A person will tolerate the heat until one day, at the Breaking Point of consciousness, they will give up believing what the mind has been telling them and embrace the truth of the Present Moment.  Then the mind no longer rules over reality, then the memory of the past or the imagination of the future no longer rules over the reality of the Present.

When a person comes to the Melting Point of human tolerance they soften and begin to flow by the path of least resistance, down the hill of their nature and their reality, until they come to the place of rest.  The Transformed Ones flow, they do not resist.

 And like the drop of water, the Transformed Ones have no purpose, no goal.  Just flowing with the forces of nature, ever expanding, ever growing in the softness of appreciation, joy and love.  When a person lets go of their resistance they soften and expand their awareness to include others, not as separate people, but as extensions of themselves.  First to one, then another, then to their families, their communities, then to their countries, and finally the whole world.  They become all life, all that lives.  They become God.