My Story


I am lazy. Maybe that is one reason why I do not want to edit this book. I find that laziness is a symptom of being stuck. I admit, I am stuck.

This story, My Story, is probably too long to be published (450 pages). It probably has way too much information. But what do I cut?

Then there is the sanitizing problem. I have found that when we sanitize the story of people we lose some or all of their humanness and we lose their value as examples and inspirations. I read that most great writers do several rewrites of their books before they are published. That bit of information tells me more about the writer than what they wrote.

I am not the most literate person in the world. Do I want to sanitize that out of my story?

I have gone through many titles for this book. The last one, "From Hell to Heaven" I discovered had been used several times. Any suggestions?

I put this book here for you to give me your opinion. I am, after all, writing this book for you and others like you.

I am also looking for a publisher, editor and/or collaborator. If you know of one please let me know.

I wrote this book with the idea of making it readable to the average American. So I kept my sentences short and language simple. I recognize that a large portion of this unedited version of the book will be cut before it is commercially viable.