Loving Yourself

You can not love another unless you can love yourself.
If you abuse yourself then you will be in no condition to be nice, kind, patient and loving to others.

So what is loving yourself?

Loving yourself is being kind and patient and soft and forgiving to yourself even when you do not meet your expectations. . Loving yourself is eating good, wholesome food in a balanced diet. Loving yourself is getting enough exercise.

Loving yourself is having an optimistic attitude about life in general and your life in particular. Loving yourself is believing in yourself. Loving yourself is refraining from substances that handicap you in fulfilling your goals and having a healthy, loving life.

Loving yourself is feeling "YESness" about what life is offering you. Loving yourself is flowing with the natural setbacks that you most assuredly will have, and not letting them get you down. Loving yourself is appreciating the fullness and richness of THIS moment, not dwelling on the guilt of the past or the fear or the future.

Loving Yourself is practicing seeing the beauty in ALL life. Loving yourself is allowing for the rest and stillness that rejuvenates and brings the clarity that releases you from the worries and fears that will otherwise consume your life.

Loving yourself is recognizing that you have complete control over the quality of your life, your emotions and the beauty that you experience in life. Loving yourself is shining your light so that others can see in darkness and not bump into you.