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Introduction.  This book is about conveying the idea that you have a choice about the quality of your life experience.  The most important thing is that we do have a choice and that we can make that choice.  If life is not going the way you want it then you can turn it around and make it the way you want it.


As one experience appreciation, joy, love, peace and freedom they recognize this is the experience they WANT to have.  This is what we are drawn to.  We do not want to have this experience all the time but we want it available to us all the time.

When we recognize that is our desire then we move toward it.  Eventually we will realize that this experience has nothing to do with what is going on outside of us.  It has everything to do with our mental attitude towards what life is offering us.  All this starts in the mind and our ways of thinking.


Organizations exist (particularly religious organizations) because of the faithlessness of those who participate in them.  If people had faith the would not feel a need to go to priest, pastor, rabbi or minister to learn about what their God wants them to do, they would go directly to God and ask those questions.  It is their lack of faith in God’s ability to communicate to them that motivates them to read holy books and go to religious organizations. 

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My Contention with Christianity

I like Jesus.  I have been and am inspired by Jesus.  As a young man when I came to my midlife crisis I was inspired by Jesus to seek a way out of my feelings of being trapped in a meaningless world.  I realized I wanted what Jesus had.  I did not know what that was at the time, I just knew that I wanted whatever it was that he had had. 

I also knew from previous experience that I could not go to Christians for help in this regard.  I say this because my experience of Christians and Christianity was perfectly reflected by Gandhi when he said, “I like your Christ but I don’t care for your Christians; for your Christians are so unlike their Christ.


Here is the crux, Christians don’t follow Jesus’ way, truth or life, they follow the apostles, particularly Paul.   In the bible Paul admits that when he started out his mission was to turn people away from Jesus’ way and, as he puts it, bring that back to sound doctrine.

I sought to find what Jesus found and found it.  I did not follow the Christian way; I pretty much followed Jesus’ way.  When I went to share this with the Christians all I got was resistance and rejection.  As I looked into why Christians resisted my way (and Jesus’ way) I found several particular points that Christianity teaches AGAINST Jesus’ way.


First, Jesus did not think of himself as a sinner and taught that neither should we (Matt 5:48, “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”)  Being perfect means to be whole and complete, lacking nothing, without flaw.  Perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  If we actually try to do what the bible tells us then we will NOT take of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; in other words, we will not think we know what is good and what is evil, what is righteous and what is sinful.  Or, to put it as Jesus did, we would be innocent as children to enter the kingdom of heaven.  I also feel he was saying the same thing when he said, “Great is the God that reveals the truth unto babes but hides it from the wise and learned one (Mt 11:25).”  The learned ones are those who think they know what is righteous and what is sinful. 

The one who called himself the Apostle Paul taught that “all have sinned.” Christians who follow Paul’s faithless doctrine think that no one can perfect as Jesus was perfect.  This is NOT true.  Paul’s statement is obviously false (to me) for if ALL have sinned then that all must include Jesus.  Yet most, if not all Christians than confess that Jesus was without sin.  Therefore that proves that ALL have not sinned.  But because Christians have been taught to treasure scriptures as inerrant they get trapped in a bind when shown that this is not true, so they cannot talk about it further.   

Jesus started his ministry by telling people to “repent” or completely change their ways of thinking.  It is in our ways of thinking that effects the quality of our life experience.  If we think like Jesus thought and how he suggested we think than we can experience that Kingdom of Heaven that is AT HAND, here, now, today.


Paul the Pharisee

Christians will always site Paul where he writes, “all have sinned and fallen short in the eyes of the Lord.”

Jesus talked a lot about Pharisees condemning them for the hypocrisy and their leading people astray.   Paul was a perfect example of one of the hypocritical Pharisees and his teachings prove it. 

Jesus started out by warning people to be aware of the “leavening of the Pharisees”.  I see the ‘leavening’ to be the false and faithless doctrine that the Pharisees taught.  Paul’s teachings definitely fit within the category.

In my mind Paul is almost totally discredited in his testament because he contradicts much of what Jesus taught and makes NO attempt to do what Jesus said to do or did.  Here is what I mean; Jesus said to “first remove the log from your own eye that you may see clearly to remove the speck in your brother’s eye.”  In other words, first get perfect yourself so you can show others how to get there.  But Paul admitted that he did not get this when he wrote, “It is not that I have obtained or have BECOME perfect; but I strive after the goal.” (Phil 3:12) 

Jesus did not say to BECOME perfect, it said to BE before.  This means to radically change your way of thinking of yourself as a sinner (separate from God) and see yourself as part of God. 

Jesus saw himself as part of God, not separate from God (a sinner—sin is that which separates you from God).  Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30) and goes on to say this type of language is justified in the scriptures when David writes; “Ye are gods, all sons of the most high” (Ps 82:6).  Jesus also said, “my Father is greater than I” (Jn 14:28).  He also said that we are all one as he is one with his Father, we are also one with him (Jn 17:21).

It is, after all, all in our ways of thinking.  If we change our ways of thinking then we will experience the kingdom of heaven that is here, now, AT HAND, as Jesus said when he started his teachings (Mt 3:2).   As we believe so it will be (Mk 11:23).


Think Like Jesus

To be like Jesus one has to think like Jesus.


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The Spiritual Value of Sloth & Apathy

 When I think of sloth I am reminded of something that Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy burdened and I shall give you rest” (Matt 11:29).  Then I think about the “Protestant Work Ethic and how Protestant Christianity teaches people to work harder and be slaves who are “good servants to their masters” (Paul’s language).   Christians are taught to believe, obey and submit to the ruling classes.  Yet this is NOT what Jesus taught or did…it was NOT Jesus’ way or truth. 

Sloth is called one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is defined at disinclination toward work or effort.  I don’t remember any stories of Jesus or Siddhartha (Buddha) working really hard. 

If you were an owner of slaves would you want somebody like Jesus to hang around your slaves or would you rather have somebody like Paul who would teach them to be good servants to their masters?  It does not take a genius to see that Paul and his minions (Christians) would be more valuable to the slave owners than Jesus and other Christs.


Apathy is defined as a lack of feeling, emotion, interest or concern.  It can also be seen and detachment, being above the world, contentment, equanimity, indifference and peace. 

If people want peace then they have to let go of caring, quit storing your treasures here on earth where anything can attack them.  This means not caring even out your “self”, your body, mind and/or soul. 

This does not mean that you NEVER care or have emotion, feeling, interest or concern, only that when you are tired and need rest that you stop caring while you rest.  This is like breathing in and breathing out, both are necessary for you to be healthy, both have their time. 


What is a Christ?

First, let us look at the word ‘Christ’.  It comes to us from the Greek word Christos which means messiah from what the Christians call the Old Testament or the ancient Jewish scriptures. What was the image of messiah BEFORE Jesus or what the messiah would be like? 

One aspect of that idea was the messiah would be like King David, a warrior and ruler would be kill all Israel’s enemies and benevolently rule over the nation of Israel.  Another aspect of the messiah would be that he would have to sacrifice, suffer and die for the people. These are the concepts of what the Jews had before Jesus and this is what they were looking for.

Jesus comes along and incorporates the IDEA of Christ or messiah but does not see the warrior aspect as being valid any more.  He recognized that we are our own worst enemy so slaying our enemies for us would be that he would have to kill us, so he changed the concept of Christ to be a healer and teacher.   He wanted to change our ways of thinking so that we would no longer be our worst enemy.  (A case can also be made that he still wanted to be a ruler over people but that argument is weakened by some of his saying, particularly that he “came to serve, not be served” and so forth.)

Jesus still took on the concepts of suffering and death for others. 

 In John 15:13 Jesus says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  Jesus interpreted this was to mean that he would have to go and be killed to serve his friends.

This does not mean that we have to follow Jesus’ exact way to be Christs.  Part of what Jesus demonstrated was that WE can interpret or define what a Christ is for US.  As a Son of Man (servant of humanity) we are greater than scriptures, greater than society’s ideas of what we should be.  WE define what that service will be about.  We improve upon the idea or concept that society holds for we are here to LEAD the way, not follow. 

For instance, I recognize some validity in Jesus statement above about giving one’s life for others, but I interpret that to mean that I give my life IN SERVICE to all humanity (not just my friends), not that I need to die to serve others.    Life is greater than death so giving my life in service to others is greater than dying for others. For me, getting tortured or murdered is not a good way to teach how to love yourself, how to be healthy/holy. So I reject that aspect of Jesus’ interpretation of what it means to be a Christ.  I say I am going to live as long and healthy of a life as I can and yet be on the edge by constantly encouraging the people to be more than they are.

The Buddhist Bodhisattvas have an idea of being a servant to all sentient beings.  I don’t see how one could have a greater idea than that.  This means that I, as a Christ, am here to serve all beings that are conscious and can feel pain or suffer.  This includes ALL people, animals and even plants.  At least, I will not wontedly or uncaringly injury anyone or anything that can feel pain. 

Part of the difference of being a Christ from being a Buddha or Bodhisattva is that a Christ confronts the unhealthy aspects of society.  When we confront or challenge these unhealthy aspects of society we are drawing attention to them and raising the level of debate.  This raises consciousness of the whole society.  In Jesus’ day it was the Pharisees and Sadducees who were teaching unhealthy ways of thinking.  Today we call them them Evangelists and the Fundamentalist (conservative religious people) but they are the same today as they were back then, hypocrites and blind guides.  I expand that definition to being church and state, religion and government…anybody who uses force, violence, intimidation or deception to have dominion over others.  These are unhealthy aspects of society. They are not the only unhealthy aspects but they are the ones I want to confront to draw attention to it so people can wake up and turn away from these institutions unhealthy ways.


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Identity and Idolatry

Identifying as anything in this world is a form of idolatry and is unhealthy.  For instance, you have the problem in the Mid East of some people identifying as Jews and some people identifying as Muslims, so they have a natural conflict with one another because of this identify.  So as long as they continue with this identity complex there will always be a conflict or dis-ease in the Mid East.

The same can be said of catholic or protestant, democrat or republican, man or woman or any other identity that is exclusive.

It is fun to play with identify for a short period as we do when we are a cast member in a theoretical play (like Hamlet) but if we hold on to the illusion that we really are the character that we are playing (the person we are playing in this life) the we will create all sorts of dramas and dis-ease in our life.

To identify with anything of this world, to store our treasure here on earth in anything is sickness.

This is something that Jesus tried to teach when he said to not call anyone of this world your father so that you don’t identify with one biological body and all that is associated with that body (family, tribe, nationality, race, sex, etc.).  He said don’t do what the religious people do, do identify with them.  Don’t do what the Pharisees do.



The way of the antichrist is to teach that the bible or scriptures are inerrant word is God.  Jesus’ way was to question the scriptures and say that we can do better than what is there.  So the way of a Christ is to question the authority of ANYTHING of this world, including books proclaiming to be the word of God.  Jesus said, in essence, that scriptures are made for people not people for scriptures.  The antichrist teaches that we should believe and obey and not question authority.


Theology is Idolatry.

When we have any theology or ideology we are in fact practicing idolatry.  Any concept of ideology that gets between us and what is actually right in front of us separates us from the love of that moment. 

And yet, idolatry and ideology have their place.


Jesus’ way to serve the people and not any institution like the church.    Jesus’ service was to God or truth and not to the church.


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Biblical Evolution

Proof of evolution is everywhere around us and the bible itself can be used to demonstrate evolution IF you have eyes to see.   As Jesus said, nothing is hidden that will not later be revealed.  The problem some people have is that they have not developed the ‘eyes to see’ this proof that is right in front of them.  I want to point out both what it means to develop the eyes to see and then what you will find when you are able to “watch” with open eyes.

First, I should probably define ‘evolution’ here so that we know what we are talking about.  Evolution is defined in the a process of gradual and continuous change from the lower or simple or worse to the higher, more complex or better state.

How can one gain the eyes to see and the ears to hear?  This is something that Jesus tried to teach to some of his follower but they did not understand the value of it and fell asleep during the class.   Jesus’ last three parables where about ‘watching’, and the night before Jesus was arrested he thought it important enough to invites three of his apostles up with him to the mountain to ‘watch’ with him.  Jesus said to sit here and watch that you not fall into temptation (to fall asleep?).  Then Jesus went off a little farther away and ‘watched’ himself, or what we call today meditation, which is just watching.  Jesus would come back to check on his followers and would find that they had fallen asleep and fallen into the temptation of sleeping on the ‘watch’.   He did this several times and they never understood the value of watching, and you can see that today in that in the teachings of followers they never talk about watching and the value it has in our lives.[???]

Jesus had read the scriptures and had read that “your strength is in your stillness”, or that we should “listen to that still small voice within” or “be still and know that I am God.”   He probably could see that it is in the stillness that we gain the clarity that enable us to see the truth that sets us free to enjoy and love all that life has to offer. 

Job 37:14:

Hearken to this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.

Psalms 46:10:

Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Joshua 11:13:

But [as for] the cities that stood still in their strength, Israel burned none of them, save Hazor only; [that] did Joshua burn.

Joshua 11:13:

But [as for] the cities that stood still in their strength, Israel burned none of them, save Hazor only; [that] did Joshua burn.

I Kings 19:12:

And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

Job 4:16:

It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying,

Because the apostles did not understand the value of this stillness they did not teach watching and being still and their followers never gained the eyes to see and the ears to hear. 

What is it that one actually seeing when the sit still and watch?  If you did this for a long period of time you would start to see things that casual observers would not see don’t see.  For instance, you may see some event like the sun raising in the morning as everybody else does, but since you pay very close attention you might notice that each day it come us from a different place than the day before.  The change is not a big one but a gradual one.

The change that takes place can be very miniscule and undetectable to the casual observer.   People what are casual observers cannot see this small or minute changes unless they watch very closely.   The astute observer can therefore see things that the casual observer cannot see.  This ability comes with practice.

If you watch the micro changes over a long period of time you start to see the effect of long term changes.  A minute annual change taking place over many years can become a radical change over thousands or millions of years.  But because individual humans don’t live over thousands of years they cannot actually witness these changes.  We can see evidence of the changes but we cannot see the whole change.

This is where imagination (or vision) can enable a person to project or multiply these minute changes large periods of time.  This is what the mystics and prophets have done since the beginning of time.

So science is just the process of observing these changes and evolution is the way of explaining these changes over long periods of time.

For the immature mind or undeveloped mind or the primitive mind they cannot comprehend these long periods of time because they have not developed the attention span with the practice of watching.  For people who want this time of understanding (which Jesus talked about) they would learn to watch or what is commonly called today meditation.   As Jesus said, nothing is hidden that is not later revealed.

Mark 4:22:

For nothing is hidden except for the purpose of having it revealed, and nothing is secret except for the purpose of having it come to light.

Luke 8:17:

For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing secret that will not become known and come to light.

With this skill of watching you can see how humans could have evolved from animals like apes.  For instance imagine that one tribe of apes made a small little change in their world by using rocks as weapons against their enemies.  They may have picked up the rocks because they had lived in an area where the foraging for food had not gone well for a long time and they were weaker than their neighboring tribe who was attacking them.  In their desperation someone picked up a rock and hit his enemy with it killing him instantly.  The tribe of apes learned from this and then started using rocks to crack open nuts.  They now had tools.  If you can imagine yourself as that ape who won the battle after feeling so weak and inferior you might stand up straighter and stick you chest out in pride.  When the whole tribe starts they process then you can see how they might all start walking standing up straight with their chests out (as humans do).

Now imagine this process happening continuously over thousands of years and you can see how this tribe of apes will start to change.  This one group of apes will start to become different than the other apes in the forest. 

The point is that over time change takes place and over very long periods of time they changes the biology of this tribe of apes.  These apes started pondering the use of their tools and weapons so they would develop their brains more. 

You can only see this if you take the time to be still and watch these minute or small, incremental changes that take place.  This is developing they eyes to see.

The creationist will then ask, “Who started this whole process?”  “Their must have been a creator to start this process.”

The idea of beginning is completely fallacious idea.  There is not beginning and no end.  Beginning is only a arbitrary time in which we want to start calculating something.   For instance when did this sandwich start or beginning?  Is it when I put the bread together with the peanut butter and jam or is it when the bread was made or is it when the wheat was planted or is it when the first wheat plant came into existences?   Of course there can never be a beginning because there was always something before that time.  We think of beginning of the sandwich when “I” started to make it.  But when the personal is or ego taken out of the equation we can see there really was no beginning.  (This is why we “deny thy self” in our observations, so we can see what is real outside of our personal involvement.)

But immature minds are not comfortable with the idea of eternity or infinity so the imagine a boundary and never consider beyond that boundary.  Part of the practice of watching is getting comfortable with these kinds of thoughts.

The immature person picks this arbitrary time as beginning and therefore does not look beyond that artificial boundary.

One of the things I have observed in recent years is how the Hubble telescope has broadened our awareness of the universe.  Ancient people may have had the ability to understand the Milky Way, the galaxy that we live in because they could see it with their eyes.  This Milky Way galaxy has billions of stars like our own sun in it.  But with the help of the Hubble telescope we have been able to take pictures of 130,000 galaxies the size of our Milky Way.  The galaxies are rotating around a center the same way that the planets rotate around the center or sun of our solar system.  Primitive people could not see what we see today.

One of the things we have observed in these galaxies is that some appear as blue galaxies and some appear as red galaxies.  They have been able to determine that the blue galaxies are the ‘new’ galaxies and still growing while the red galaxies are the ‘old’ galaxies and they are contracting or dying.  Very few of the 130,000 galaxies are in the transitory state between blue and red.  Because we can see so many galaxies now we can see how galaxies evolve from beginning to destruction and they can observe the complete lifecycle of the galaxies.

Unless somebody took the time to observe the differences between all these galaxies they would not notice the difference and be able to see the evolution of galaxies.

If your mind is open enough you can see how this process has always been going on and how it will always go on; there is no beginning and not end to this eternal process.  But if that idea is uncomfortable to you, as it is even to some very educated people, then you will have to create some illusion of beginning, whether it be called a Creator or the Big Bang theory.

So practicing stillness and watching is the way to develop the ability to see what is right in front of us every day.  Or to put it in Jesus’ terms you watch to enable you to have the eyes to see so you can see the evidence of evolution that is all around us.  And you can see how to make your own world better but understanding the cyclical processes that make up our world. 



One of the things Jesus said many times was that he pointed out how little faith his followers had (Matthew 6:30, 8:26,  14:31, 16:8,  Luke 12:28).  Because of their lack of faith in Jesus, his way and truth and even in themselves they did not pursue what Jesus said to do.   Remember, these are the ones who founded or create the Christian religion and it is their faithlessness that is at the foundation of many of the doctrines that make up the core of Christianity.

People make the assumption that just because they were around Jesus the “got it” or understand what Jesus was teaching. Jesus pointed out many times that his followers did not ‘get it’ but again you have to have eyes to see to see this.  The followers job was to carry Jesus message on so that other might hear it and actually understand it by applying it to their lives.  Jesus wanted them to preach his gospel instead of their own.  Unfortunately the dull minded people follow the faithless doctrine of the apostles instead of Jesus’ way and truth. Because they did not get it they became the blind leading the blind that Jesus warned people about.


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Because there are people who don’t ‘get it’ out there they don’t have faith in the truth that will set you free so they feel a need for control and domination.  They don’t get the idea that we are all one (John 17:21) and the motivation behind do unto others as you would want done unto you, or love that neighbor as thy self.  So they feel it is ok to have dominance over other people.  The apostles and disciples of Jesus where of this character.  So the religion that they created (Christianity and really all religions) is about domination of weaker people. 

So Christs come to ‘preach liberation to the captives’ (Luke 4:18) while religious people are here to preach that we are all slaves to sin and that ‘slaves should be good servants to their masters’ (Titus 2:9).

The people who are here that appose Jesus’ way of liberation and want to intimidate people into submission are of the Anti-Christ.  But today we do not call it the anti Christ we call it Christ-anti or Christianity, the way of the anti Christ.   the anti Christ wants us all to submit to the authorities of the world, be that parents, teachers, church, state, scriptures or whatever. 

So if you look though out history whenever there was someone preaching the light of truth that liberates people the forces of the dark side came and tries to destroy that light.  Jesus was just one example of this in history.

The dark side will always lose in the long run to the light.  Domination will always give way to freedom as it always has throughout history.  You can see this in American history where the forces of the dark side (conservative and religious people) fought to keep slavery but freedom won out.  The dark side fought to keep women from voting and fought to keep civil rights from people of color.  And today you can see the same battle in the areas of abortion and gay rights as the forces of the dark side (religion and conservatives) fight to limit the freedom of others.

The dark side (conservatives) has always used the teachings of the apostles to support their oppressive ways of thinking.  Liberals just live Jesus’ way and truth.

Why is this battle always won by the enlightened one or the liberal ones? Because as we evolve we are always moving toward the light, just as plants grow toward the light we are slowing growing toward the light.   The dark forces are always the ones resisting this light.  The conservatives, the religious, the governments, the institutions of any sort are of this world and want to resist the change that is inevitable.   By definition an institution is always going to resist the light.

Monday, February 23, 2009 12:47 PM

We Can Overcome the world’s ability to take away our light of appreciation, joy, love, peace and freedom.

Monday, March 16, 2009 4:51 PM

Sign Idea: Love Thy Enemy.  Love Hitler, Love communists, love al Quida, love homosexuals, love George W. Bush, love Satan.


Jesus’ Way; family.  Jesus said that my family are those who do the will of the Father in heaven, not is mother, brothers and sisters.  The antichrist teaches that we should focus on the family, the biological family.  We are taught to make this person or that person important, to store our treasures here on earth in people.  Jesus’ idea of family was much bigger than just a biological family.  When you focus on the biological family means you are still identifying with the body or person of yourself instead of identifying as Spirit (born again of Spirit).  The antichrist wants people to make material things (people) important because this creates fear of the potential loss of those things and fear is how the antichrist controls and manipulates people.


Humor:  Jesus did not use toilet paper or which hand do you think Jesus masturbated with?  Thinking about these things is called sacrilegious to those who are still asleep but they help be overcome their idolatry of people like Jesus and bring them down to our level.  The last thing the antichrist would want is for people to look upon Jesus as somebody like us who we could be like, so they call these thought sacrilegious.


Humor:  why does God have to be a He?  In my mind if God is a he then he has one big penis; he is one big dick.  That does not do as much for me as having God as a She.  Now imagine this if God were a She then She would have the big beautiful breasts.  If you think Mt Everest is big you will have seen nothing until you see God’s breasts.  Imagine skiing down those breasts, those soft, wonderful breasts. 


Humor: think of all the good things that come from evil.  For instance, let us look at Adolph Hitler; he was one very evil dude.  He is responsible to murdering millions of people in Europe like Jews, intellectuals, Gypsies, and liberals of all sorts.  But if it had not been for Hitler the nation of Israel would not exist right now.  The have nobody else to blame except Hitler for creating the nation of Israel.  The Jews talk about the messiah as somebody who would come and bring Israel into existence then they have to see Hitler as a perfect candidate for that messiah.

Let us look at another good that comes from evil, think of 9/11.  we can think of many good things that came from 9/11 and the driving of planes into buildings.  For instance, Halliburton made a hell of a lot of money and if you own stock or work for Halliburton then that was a very good thing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:00 PM

Crisis Coach


I just talked to a friend who suggested that I start to promote myself as a Crisis Coach.  I would make myself available to people 13 hours a day for a month to help them through their crisis.  She suggested I consider charging a ‘retainer’ fee ($250-500) for the month and donations for each call after the first.  I could do this from anywhere as most of the support would be via phone or email. 


As a Crisis Coach I am here for you for a specified period of time.  I will work with you to get you through the crisis; I will hold your hand or talk you down and help you see your way through whatever you are going through. 

Have you lost your job, a relationship or a loved one?  Are you fearful that you will loss your job, relationship or loved one?  Are you having a health crisis?

My job is to get your though the crisis in one piece. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009 6:39 PM

Add Iraq veterans to Crisis Coach ideas.  Let them know that I can help, want to help work with them to overcome the challenges of returning to normal life and dealing with the trauma resulting from the war.

Monday, April 13, 2009 1:30 PM

Posted Crisis Coach in SF craigslist.

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The Fear of Love.  Many people have experienced the fear of what they call love.   When they look at a relationship with somebody and they don’t want to go into that relationship because they are afraid.  If they were to get honest with themselves they would see that it is not fear that they love but attachment.  What is happening is that they are experience love around the THOUGHT of the object of which the THINK they love. They have been lead to believe, and our language reinforces this, that the object, whether it be a person or a thing, is what is producing the love.   But really it is our REACTIONS to the THOUGHT of the object that gives us the experience of love.  

So when we recognize that it is our reactions to a thought that gives us this experience and that we do not need the object itself to experience love, then we choose the thought itself and can have the experience of love whenever we want it.  This is what ancient people called the love of God, divine or Agape love.  This is where you focus in on an idea or concept like “God” and practice loving thereby associating the concept/thought with the experience of love. 

So the ‘divine’ love is unconditional and does not require anything outside of us in order for us to experience love.

The fear of attachment comes from the sometimes unconscious awareness that the object of our attachment can be taken away from us and we will only have the experience of loss in its place.  A person can reject us or leave us, they can die, the object can be stolen, somehow it can be taken away from us and the object is ‘torn’ away from us.  It is the ‘tearing away’ experience that produces the fear of attachment, which we equate with the fear of love.

Of course there are forces in the world, institutions, organizations and individuals, that want encourage our belief that an object is producing love.  Whether it be family, friends, loved one, community, country, religious idol (scriptures, gurus, messiahs, prophets) they want to encourage this belief because they can use the fear of the attachment like a carrot on a stick to control and manipulate the people.  It is a way to enslave the people.

I call this organizations, institutions and individuals as the darksiders and I am constantly confronting them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:43 AM

Why People Believe

People choose to believe something because they do not have actual knowledge of something but the THOUGHT of that something is emotionally attractive.  They want that which they believe to be true. 

For instance, they believe that an airplane they are about to fly on is going to function appropriately and that they pilot is competent.   They don’t know this to be a fact but want it to be true.  The belief calms their mind somewhat. 

The same thing happens in religious beliefs.  A religious believer have some beliefs that are creating discomfort for them so they choose other beliefs to give them comfort from the first set of belief.  

If they would just question their original assumptions till they can see that those are not real then they would have no need to lie to themselves about the other beliefs.

Monday, November 30, 2009 4:56 PM

Paul Staten bought me this new Dell computer yesterday for my birthday and he bought Office 2007.