I Have Found...

I have found that people are seeking to find "goodness" in all forms and at all levels of their experience. This is what is called "eternal goodness". I find that when people get 'stuck' in anything they find that experience to be not good, or it produces not good experiences. So this 'stuck' feeling or experience is not what we want. "Stuckness" is what we sometimes call being trapped or not free. So I define that at "truth" that liberates people from anything that is not good or negative (sometimes called evil).

I have also found that our ways of thinking create a lot of that 'stuckness' and negativity we experience. So I have questioned our various ways of thinking that seem to produce that trapped in negativity experience. In this pursuit of questioning our ways of thinking I have found that we tend to lie to ourselves a lot. This lying to ourselves is called ‘believing’. It is natural and normal to ‘believe’ in something, but as we group up or personally evolve we move away from this little lies and toward more honesty.

Some people discourage us from question our beliefs because those beliefs enable them to control us. Let me give you an example.

As children we are told a little white lie about Santa Claus and how he is coming to town with all sorts of good things for us. BUT, he is also making a list (and checking it twice, going to find out who is naughty or nice) that specifies who is going to get the goodies and who is not. This, or course, is used by the parents to control the child’s behavior (i.e. clean up their room, do their chores, etc.).

Of course, most children grow up and realize that their parents (and the whole society) lied to us and they no longer believe in Santa Claus. BUT, do most people realize that there are other lies that we have been told and that we believe that are just there to control and manipulate us?

As we mature emotionally and intellectually we begin to see just how the world has arranged itself to keep control in the hands of the various rulers (parents, teachers, clergy, government, bosses, etc.).

If people are challenged and stimulated to question authority, including the authority of their own beliefs, I find that they can get free to better enjoy and love ALL that life has to offer. Their are so many beliefs and levels of beliefs that we have that once we question them all (or at least the root beliefs) we are able to see and experience that life here on earth can be PERFECT. This last level of clarity is difficult to experience, but not impossible. I know, I have experienced it (and still do now and then) and I know am many others who have made the effort to "get free" who have also experiences it.

Oh, another thing I have found or experienced is that when we relax and let go of our tension and limited ways of thinking we discover that we are really all one infinite being. That we can feel or experience what everyone else is feeling or experiencing. Hence, I see that good teachings say things like, "do unto others as you would want them to do unto you", FOR THEY ARE YOU.

So I hope that help you understand what and why I am challenging people they way I do.